What's the weirdest thing you've smoked out of?

Discussion in 'General' started by fragyn, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. I just finished smoking out of a croissant. Serious.
  2. Back in the 80's I knew a guy with a ballpoint pen that came apart and had a little bowl made out of screen where the metal band was. You had to hit it very carefully or you would taste burning plastic.
  3. I laughed way to hard at this :rave-girl:
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  4. This is probably the strangest piece I've ever smoked from. It was purchased from a headshop. The body is made from a piece of garden hose. The bowl is made of wood(I think). The details, face arms and legs are Bondo(I think) and the mouth piece is a chicken bone. Kinda sketchy so I only smoked from it once. IMG_20170710_145041.jpg
  5. I made a cardboard tube bong. Needless to say it only lasted 20 minute before the water leaked thru the cardboard. But it was a damn good bong while it lasted! It was one of those poster cardboard tubes
  6. The weirdest thing I've smoked out of is probably a banana. Practically any fruit works really:smoking-banana:
  7. The weirdest thing for me was an apple pipe. Nothing special, just unusual
  8. Blank bible paper for my first time smoking about 10 years ago. I know it's technically not smoking out of something like an apple or a two liter gravity bong, but it was my first and only time using bible paper, and literally my first time. It's pretty common for people to make their own bongs and pieces so the only weird thing I smoked out of in comparison is bible paper.
  9. That's some fucking DIY voodoo shit lmao, chicken bones? No thank you
  10. Home made water bottle bong, sticky notes(longgggg time ago, before I even really knew what weed was), one time on a very high dare I stuck 2 joints up my nostrils and killed about a centimeter or two off them before my nose started bleeding. Does that count?
  11. bro, that's crazy good. When I have 2 joints I'll def try it.
  12. Recipient papers to desperately roll a J when i was 16 on a camping trip.

  13. For some reason no one wanted the joints anymore after that... I got to finish them on my own:pimp:

    Who wouldn't want to hit a bloody joint that was in someone's nose? :laughing:
  14. An Onion.

    Kept growing green sprouts when I left for a few hrs and had to remake it. No idea why I couldn't go get an apple but there ya go.

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