Whats the weed you smoke look like

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Embalmed Lenin, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. I was wondering what the weed you guys smoke looks like.
    any pics would be great

  2. i don't have the mental capacity to take a picture at the moment, but this stuff i have this time is amazing, it's my 3rd or 4th day smoking up, and it still gets me bombed after 1 large haul...it has red hairs on it with light and medium green bits...
  3. the bud i get around here is purple and blue with mad crystals..peace..
  4. here's one just dried.......Peacxe out.........Sid

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  5. nice bud sid.looks really sticky and danky lol.you grew it im guessing.keep up the good work

  6. Good job on that bud,Sid. What is the name of that stuff?
  7. omg that shit looks amazing
  8. Looks like a beauty Sid, looks like mental bud with them orange hairs coming off it and nicely coated with all those crystals, man i wish i was smokin that shit, i picked up weak bud this weekend 1st time in very long, i was quite disappointed needed to smoke about 3 spliffs to get buzzin, fuckin shit stuff, i'm still pissed because my deala had been pickin up High Grade constantly for the last 6 months so i was really pissed with this batch, oh well it happens, gonna get some off some othr guy tomorrow, need to get HiGH!!!

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