whats the verdict on a 4 arm perc us tube beaker?

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  1. Those look to be closed arms, I'd find something different. If you want a tank, get a US tubes without a perc.
  2. forgive my ignorance but what is a closed arm and what is the difference in the open arm and maybe a qucky lesson on perc aerodynamics 101
  3. i'm about 90 percent sure they're not closed
  4. Open tree percs have the very bottom of the trees cut off so it's completely open as well as having slits. Closed just have the slits. I have bad eyes so ICU might be right.
  5. i think it just looks like they might be closed cause they're soo think, so it looks almos rounded..

    any of you guys every have wellnessdrops, i've been just munching on em and am fucking BLAZED haha,
  6. not sure abuout there closeness but maybe are conjested

  7. While I wont argue that single chambered US Tubes is a tank; your logic is terrible.

    The only people who think that closed armed trees are bad is just applying bad logic. SG and Toro both reinforce their trees to the bottom of the chamber, making them closed. It's about how the slits are cut much more than if there's a hole in the bottom as far as flow is concerned.
  8. Ok.

    First let me say I am not a fan of massive diffusion.

    I love my Toro's true, own a Lux 5 arm, had an SG 4 arm grid/8 arm tree, still have an old VIP 4 arm, and a US Tubes Dome perc, but when pulling out a tube, I normally go for something with a nice showerhead and that's it lately

    There are a couple reason's why I avoid the multi-arms for the most part..the main one being increased drag, the second being the sound.

    Yeah it's kinda petty but I don't like hitting a tube and having it sound all hallow, and like twenty people are all slurping their soup in unison. Think this comes from having a JBD as my first real tube, those old JBD's had a thick chug to them...when I would hit the tube, it would rumble in my chest...always liked that.

    Then there is the famous Roor, roar. My favorite part of those tubes, they make a nice smooth sound while drawing, like a precision engine does.

    I always used to think of my JBD like a Corvette, and a Roor as a Porsche.....either one is as good as it gets, just in different ways...and it doesn't matter which you are talking about, almost nobody else can measure up....they all try, but they fail for the most part.

    Well let me tell ya, with this tube, US Tubes not only measures up....like when Acura dropped the first NSX, they just raised the bar, and smart competitors will take notice.

    All the benefits everyone else has, plus more, in a nicer, easier to live with package.

    First time I loaded up the Tube for use I wasn't sure what to expect, honestly a 4 arm tree seems kinda weak...I mean my SG had 8, the Toro 13, but this is not the same type of tree.

    From the way the arms are connected at right angles, with small indents to help the air flow in a smooth uniform direction and not get all twisted up in turbulence creating a bottleneck in the perc tree(which is exactly what happens in many inferior/knock-off pieces, and why most pieces need more trees to achieve the same effect)..to the way there is so much glass in the tree that you can actually see the thickness of the wall...it is pretty obvious there was a lot of design and thought put into the percs.

    Then there is the bubble bottom, I mean it looks beautiful, but that is a lot of water is there, so I was expecting chug and drag.

    Then I hit it.

    It pulled so effortlessly, I didn't light the bowl.

    I sucked the lighter out instead.

    So I re-flicked the lighter and drew easier this time. Milked up smooth and easy, pulled the slide, and it cleared almost as fast and effortlessly as a Toro natural disc/13arm, which is high praise to say the least. No chug, no splashback from the tree, and no awareness that I was pulling the air through multiple chambers before inhaling...it just worked, easy.

    IMO, the bubble bottom has all the benefits of a straight tube and a beaker with none of the disadvantages. Lot's of water like a beaker so it doesn't get funky tasting after the second snap, really efficient aerodynamics so it clears easy and fast like a straight. True that not true of many bubble bottoms, but most tubes are not made as well as US Tubes.

    Far as I can tell, at no point from the joint attachment to the perc tree and base attachments, does the glass thin out in the bubble, it seems to be equally thick everywhere. It is also perfectly round right up to where the tube body attaches, which is part of what I think makes it work so well, it stays smooth and rounded everywhere, no hard edges to cause airflow turbulence.

    The tube, and perc tree is so strong it can take a 2 story fall.


    I was scheduled to head back onto the road for a few days the day after I got this here beast, and since I couldn't bear the thought of being separated, I brought her with me.

    The second night out, I was at the hotel with some "friends" after hours, and had a private balcony so we were taking tokes outside. One of my 'friends", sat the tube down on the balcony, another knocked it over with her elbow. I wasn't close enough to grab it, so I was forced to watch it fall from the balcony, 2 stories to the grass below. I ran out to get it, expecting to find a broken husk of a tube(didn't look at from the balcony, had to get out before I did something I would regret later)...instead I found a perfectly sound and solid tube....

    ...even landing on grass I can promise you not many tubes would have survived that fall with no cracks, chips, or breakages, but this 4 1/2 pound US Tubes did. (I went back to my room and kicked everyone out. No more of that crap)

    Puff, you outdid yourself this time. All things considered, this is the best tube I own, and I look forward to being buried with it, cause I seriously think this thing will outlast me.

    OH yeah...and it sounds like a rocked out muscle car, thick, deep and American in a big, bad, loud, nasty good kinda way.
  9. The Toros that reinforce their percs also have thirteen arms, meaning 26 slits for air to pass through, rather than 8, I think that's the difference here, not how the slits are actually cut.
  10. not mine, but a solid review
  11. The depth, width, height, kind of bit used, and amount of flame polishing all have a measurable affect on how the cuts function. You can see differences in how a single chambered fixed 4 SG, and a toro single chamber fused four all function, and the difference is in how the cuts are made.

  12. I haven't had too much hands on experience with Toro or SG, so this is new to me, thanks for the information! :wave:
  13. Its a nice tube but for 350 i couldnt do it....

    350$ is alot to work with i would keep looking...

    And honestly 7mm and 5mm are basically the same exact thing when you drop it. Both will more than likely smash at a decent height.
  14. im gonna have to say the 350 was worth it this thing rips like a champ ill be looking to take milk shots shen the rents are out peace,happy toking :D
  15. Good job, glad you got it!

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