What's the trippiest thing that's happened to you while high?

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  1. This has probably already been a thread, but something insane happened to me tonight & i really want to post it, so feel free to share your trippy stories while high, ide love to hear them :p

    so heres my story:
    I drive over to me and my friends usual smoking spot by a park and meet him there (both in seperate cars) we blaze for a while in the park and by now it's dark so were just chilling looking at the stars having a good time. Well our munchies start to kick in and we decide to drive over to wendy's and chill there for a while. So we both get in our cars (me ahead of him) and start driving through a neigborhood to get onto the main road. Up ahead of me my headlights shine on something really wierd looking in the distance. at first i thought it was a baby standing in the road..dont ask:smoke: then as i drive close i think its a cat sitting in the middle of the road, so as i get up to it its a fucking HUGE owl just sitting there in the complete middle of the road not moving a muscle. just sitting there staring me straight in the eyes. i stop directly in front of it and we both just kind of stare at each other for what seems like a year. i turn off my car in the middle of the road because at this point it was my peak and i was scared shitless. I mean completley frozen and freaked out :smoking: especially considering i have never seen a live owl before and my headlights were shining directly on it while the owl was about a foot away. It literally seemed like a movie or something haha
    My friend behind me has no idea whats going on so i roll down my window and start screaming at him to come over here but his stoner ass decided to sit there. about 30 seconds have passed and i kid you not the owl has not moved a single muscle, just staring directly into my eyes. & i was still trying to figure out what it was because at first i thought it was a hawk but its face looked like an owl. As i look ahead another car is coming in our direction (small street) so i franticly start trying to turn my car back on but for some reason i was having trouble. and while i was messing with all my gears trying to turn it back on i keep looking up and the owl still has not moved what so ever. finally i get my car back on and start driving extremly slow around it(as was the other car in front of me) and the owl just moves it's neck and stares at me then when i get right on the side of it it makes this really wierd like body twitch and just takes off right in my direction(my window was also open. so i scream like a girl and almost hit the other car who was also stopped in awe. the things flies right behind my truck & in front of my friends car.(now he knew wtf was happening haha the thing scared him shitless.) this owl looked like it had a wingspan of like 50 fucking feet at the time. then i just start bursting out laughing. I mean right away i was crying i was laughing so hard thinking WHAT THE FUCK just happened. I had to pull over a couple times to calm myself. luckily wendys was only like a minute away. :hello:
    so for the rest of the night me and my friend are wondering what the fuck happended and we concluded that it was my spiritul demon giving me a warning to stop running over animals..hahah.

    well thats my story, kind of long and might seem a little lame..but trust me, it was the most trippiest thing that has ever happened to me and even if i wasnt stoned im pretty sure ide still be freaked out haha :hide: well ide love to hear your stories to feel free to share them :D
  2. This is a stoner website, you wrote a novel bro. Can you re write that in 1-3 sentences please?
  3. you dont have to read it, i just really wanted to write that down for some reason. I was more just curious on your stories.
  4. Uhm One time i was SUPER BAKED driving to macdanalds and i saw this care backing up in the left hand lane and i was like "Honey look that bitch is driving backward's" It tripped me out good.
  5. I like long stories :)
  6. my friends dog threw up all over my chest from an airial angle, went everywhere. me and my friend just started laughing hysterically.
  7. HAHA that reminds me of a time when me and my friend who were super baked fed his dog a chocolate cake :confused_2:
    wake up the next morning with explosive diarreah all over MY sleeping bag and legs. NOTHING on my friend. total buzzkill from a great night.
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    hahahahaha!!!!! 
  9. Work story:

    I worked at a movie theater and I came in real baked as usual. I was opening the box office and my first customer was a lady in her 30s. When I said good morning to her through the hole in my cashier's window, she looked at me very seriously and said, "...Is that smell coming from you?" I proceeded to freak the fuck out in my head but managed to reply very calmy, "What does it smell like?" She said, "I don't know, just really good, and sharp." I then remembered that I had sprayed on my cologne in an attempt to cover up my wake n bake. The rest of the transaction was very smooth...good thing I stayed calm haha. I don't remember a damn thing from the rest of the day, so it must have went well.

  10. op is high with friend, op sees owl in road, op stops in amazement/fear/confusion
  11. :hello: seriosuly you sumemd that up pretty good
  12. I'm not really sure if this counts, but I tripped the fuck out one time. I was chilling with some bros before the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 and we're bored waiting. Both of my friends were dry, so I mentioned I had some weed at home that I hadn't touched in well over a year.

    We smoke two and a half huge bowls out of my pipe then drive over to the movie theater. At first we thought it the weed had lost potency because of its age when suddenly it just hit us just as we're pulling into the parking lot.

    I can't even explain to you how intense it was being around all those people when I was that fucking high. Not only that but there were a ton of people dressed up like the characters in the books and I thought they were actually real. People I knew were dressed up in costumes and I was sooo confused as to what was going on.

    Thankfully I came down a little while chilling in the theater before the show, and the actual movie was bad ass.
  13. One night driving down the interstate one night bombed off some amazing desil, My friends hood on his crx flew off well half way off and we draged it down the interstate sparking n shit. Like 5 minutes later i looked over and said hey what if it happens again just then it flew all the way off that shit was trippy as hell that baked.
  14. Smoked bud out of a pipe that had DMT resin in it (I forgot to get rid of it)
  15. thats trollarious.
  16. :laughing:
  17. i was taking a walk through some deep woods with my friend one time, we had already smoked 3 bowls, so we were pretty baked. we got the fantastic idea to smoke another bowl. so this is about an hour after the first bowl. we start smoking it and i look at all the trees. they were fucking beautiful. well i thought they were. then i started seeing like rainbow flashing diamonds on all the trees. i was completely spacing out. my friend was like "uhh dude, are you gonna hit this or not?" apparently he had been holding the bowl for like 5 minutes while i stared at trees. trippy shit.
  18. I fell into a time paradox.
  19. Im jealous, how was that? Im high enough right now to believe some made up shit so just roll with it.

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