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  1. So I'm new to ordering seeds from Attitude.
    I gor my order and the tracking number.  Destination is midwest usa.
    I went to track and trace at RoyalMail.com put on the tracking number.
    Status: It's on its way
    Your item, posted on 09/10/14 with reference ######## has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    Last update: 19 October 2014, 05:32pm
    Then went to USPS and entered tracking number ################
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.

    Were will the next update come from?  What will it most likely be?
    Thanks in advance
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    Royal Mail will probably say that until it hits your local post office - and in many cases, you'll have your package before they get the updated status back from the USPS.
    The USPS should eventually update once your package is in customs to say that it's there.
    Then, depending on how close you are to customs & how fast your local post office is, the shipment may show up at your house before they update. I've had it show in customs for 24 hours after I've had the mailer in hand. Other times, I could see it move through the system. The USPS is not always consistent about scanning - or they must have some delays at times gettng the information back to their online site.
    I have seen packages go into customs & never come out - meaning they seem to disappear & the recipient never got that infamous green-taped package with the seizure notice.
    If it helps any, seizure rates seem to be down & things are moving through the system way faster than they were a year ago.
  3. Dam ....
    That was the best response, I could ever get.  I feel I understand the process now.
    Thank you for your time.
  4. Well, you're quite welcome.
    Next time, you can consider ordering for us. We don't charge extra for guaranteed shipping & I can hook you up with some discount codes if you PM me.
    Either way, I hope you enjoy your new seeds when they arrive, and don't forget to check out the Advertiser's section at Grass City & maybe you can win a few. We've got two comps running right now & I think some other sponsors have some too.
  5. Update Update Update......... NOT
    no updates what so ever.
    Time to bad mouth!
    How frigin long am i supposed to hold my hand on my ass and wait for the order.  Attitude Sucks.
    Yea I said it, it sucks. My confidence is non existent in them. Tracking numbers are a farce. If i
    dont get my order this week I am going to ....................  Now I have and ATTITUDE
    I believe in the USPS if it is used right. This is a joke. Always someone else s fault. What a rip off.
    Even if the order shows this week, I have felt like shit on this order. Not Satisfied.
    Posted on 10/9!!!!!
    I could have adopted a Russian baby by now.
    ok now if all goes right, I should get them tomorrow and feel even more like shit for bad mouthing.. 
    Thats why I posted it here. tucked away.
  6. Man, chill out. It's customs that is slacking, not Attitude. As the tracking showed it was passed to the overseas and is probably sitting in the U.S. customs service. Once it's out of Attitude's hands it's up to the postal service and customs. It's only been there for 5 business days. Hell it could be on it's way to you now. From what I understand it's not odd for packages to be in customs a week or more, however more often than not it means they've caught it and you will recieve a package with green tape.
  7. Shipments can sit in customs for 3 weeks easy & still show, but sometimes they never come out.
    You can't really blame the shipper - out of their control entirely.
    Oh - there was one time you could blame us. We had a new packer who decided to put grinders, rolling papers, etc. on the customs declaration instead of whatever they're supposed to put. For about a week, we lost almost every single shipment. Didn't take long to fix that little problem.
  8. hogwash !!
    Both of the last two comments still want to blame other people (customs).  If they were packed right or shipped
    in some basic stealthy packaging they would not sit in customs. This is smacking of a industry cover up or 
    marketing ploy to get you to spend extra money. 
    Of course they didn't show today.
    7 little beans =   I could list at least 100 different ways to send them.
    Give them money and get nothing... Yes I blame the shipper   ATTITUDE
    Now soon I will be looking to get my souvenirs from someplace else...
    Six days till I reorder from some other seed bank.   What company cares?      
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    You do realize they will sometimes sit in customs for a week or two even if it didn't get caught, right?
    Chill out, you will most likely get them.
    Anyways, enjoy being impatient and giving false reviews.
  10. False is not telling the truth. Just cause you don't like what i say, its a false review. I dont
    think so.  Review is what it is.
    Come on back with some more bullshit.  
    The fact is I am not satisfied!
  11. Don't they tell you it might take 3-5 weeks? Overseas shipments aren't like ordering from inside the U.S. Chill out and smell the roses brother.

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  12. Thats what I have to do Chill Out.  
    3-5 weeks..ugh   I got spoiled with ordering things here in the US. You hit it on the nose.
    So ok, I don't think I am impatient just misinterpreting global commence.
    Thanks All
  13. Haha no worries man. I get anxious about EVERYTHING lmao
  14. Just thought you would like to know that I sent Attitude and email and just asked
    if they could give me any idea of delivery date. Used the online contact form.
    Got a reply very quickly. From JODIE
    She copied all the info from the tracking number to me.
    Then she dropped a bombshell.
    "It looks like this may have been lost in transit."
    That was it.
    Now remember I am chilling.....
    So I sent an email to sales at Attitude asking...
    "Thank you for your rapid response to my online contact form. The answer was
    not good for me.
    "It looks like this may have been lost in transit"
      My order was lost in shipment...????
    I know you got me.... No guarantee .  
    I still lost over $50.oo  I Feel Like Shit
    What can we do to make this right? What do I need to do?
    I still want my souvenirs
    Please Help
    Thank You"
    I did read somewhere that the might resend the order if I place a new order. That would work for me.
    Should I suggest it or just wait and see what they come back with?  
    Should I cut my loses an reorder from "???????"
    I am not good with holding back my emotions, even in emails. I could blow a deal to
    make things right.
    Any suggestion on a course of action from here? Anybody have any pull?
    Anybody pity me...HA HA
    All I want is 5 Cheese  seeds.
    Chillin Chillin Chillin
    LAter MoonRocky
    NO Guarantee.
    ( I do have a stupid stick of truth that all can use on me. )
    stick-of-truth-dead-horse moonrocky.png
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    Overseas mail doesn't deliver on Saturday or Sunday.. So always make sure to order on a monday
  16. Just a update.
    Never got the shipment....
     30 days later Worked with Attitude and placed new order with guaranteed delivery.
    They did resend the original order minus freebies with new order. Got the new order
    in like 10 days...Tracking number on new order never worked. Just showed up in my mail box
    in stealth packaging.
    Put me behind on my grow. But now I have the next grows seeds stored away.
    LAter  MoonRocky

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