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Whats The The "Highest" Thing You've done?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sceaspit11, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I once hit my friends new glass bong and on the walk back, i was walking on the tip of my toes with my legs open wide, (I Know, what the fuck right?).
    What about you guys? What are the weirdest or "highest" things you have done while high (on pot)?
  2. Too many to remember lol. but a few are...
    - the time me and a friend started whispering as we walked past some strangers and accidentally kept whispering for about 5 minutes
    - when i forgot how to hop a fence so i sat on top of it for a minute then finally saying fuck it i hopped off and one of the pokeys dug into my left hand leaving a huge scar to this day.

    uhhhh ill post more if i remember them
  3. I was visiting California for the first time with my brother and we smoked , one of the highest I've been in my life. and we went to a place to eat. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE TALKING. I could feel their voices going inside my head every single noise made i heard it and the lady asked for the menu back like 5 times and i was just staring at it. it was too intense. I ordered a burger because that was the only thing I could understand what i was reading when i read it. hostess probably thought i was mentally retarded
  4. Went to take a bong hit and kept missing the top of the bong with my mouth, so just fucking gave up and passed it along.

    Or ordered some food in a fast food place, then just walked straight out after paying, without the food. Got halfway down the street and just went, 'Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.'
  5. Me an a couple friends got finished doing some bong hits . We went into the kitchen an me an friend A were literally laughing at each other for like a half hour . Shit was hilarious .
  6. Rode my brothers bike to the shop, ended up cycling for about 20 minutes before realising what the fuck i was doing and for a few minutes having no idea where i was
  7. One time I walked into subway to get food while my friend waited in the car. I forgot his order and literally got as many cookies as I could for $30 and the cashier just knew I was high as shit. Walked out and we killed like 50 cookies he wasn't even mad lol
  8. 1) Got really stoned
    2) Went to pick up Chinese food
    3) Got home and forgot to put my E-brake on (didn't put it in 1st gear either)
    4) Car rolls down drive way and takes out my neighbors mail box

    Funny now but an expensive mistake at the time. I always put my car in gear before I get out now.
  9. went into little Caesars to get crazy bread and I was paying in exact change...then I dropped all of it on the floor
  10. Waiting to be seated at a restaurant, and having two aisles of waiting seat ==== like that packed with people and me and my girl standing in the middle everyone watching us as we crack up wondering where to stand while waiting to be called.

    Then proceeding to be sat down in the middle of a whole bunch of people the chairs were close, we had some foreign language speakers on one side speaking german or french, and then stereotypical black to the other. Trying to keep our conversations down to have them not hear anything, and when the parties both left the relief both of our faces had.

    Also her eating a chocolate cake, for desert while I'm speaking she puts a piece of chocolate on her front teeth to make it look hill-billy like and the waiter at that specific moment handing me the check and her hiding from the girls that were seating at the table behind me cause they saw her doing it.
    lmao and that was just one night imagine the others.

    That's why I will never give her up.
  11. [quote name='"Durb"']Went to take a bong hit and kept missing the top of the bong with my mouth, so just fucking gave up and passed it along.

    Or ordered some food in a fast food place, then just walked straight out after paying, without the food. Got halfway down the street and just went, 'Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.'[/quote]

    People would do this in drive thru .... Maybe they go to McDonalds too much but they would pay and drive off ...... Sometimes it be awhile before they came back ....

    One time they paid and never came back
  12. LOL the the.
  13. The the highest thing I've ever done is write "The the" in the title of a thread.
    Just kidding, i've never been that high.
    Just kidding again.
  14. Fucked my best friends mom repetitively and without consent for that matter. Then told him what I just did to his mom, went home, had sex with my bong, cummed in the bong water, and smoked it with pleasure. :bongin:
  15. Lit a cigarette backwards. It was pretty embarrassing.
  16. Me and 2 friends were DEVOURING hamburger helper, and we all looked up at each other and just died laughing for like 45 min lol.
  17. Was hitting a small bong and i forgot to suck in and burned my eye lashes off hahaha
  18. one night in college i was mondo high and chillin with some people. then i started singing. i wouldn't stop. the same song, over and over again.
  19. I once made some shitty pancakes. Like the outside looked OK but the inside was watery and lumpy. Doused those mugs with syrup and me and my friend ate the whole batch. After each bite we were both saying "shits fuckin gross".
  20. almost microwaved my phone!

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