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whats the sweetest smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vincent47, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. hey I was wondering what is the sweetest smoke?Looking at descriptions blueberry sounds good and sweet,I never even know what strains I've tried were prob indica though since I felt that body buzz.Any other sweet recommendations?
  2. Blueberry is the sweetest smelling, IMO. Don't know about taste, I too rarely know what I'm smoking. If it's good, I'm happy.
  3. Definately, watermelon chronic.
  4. sweet tooth and buttercup are mad good tasting
  5. Sweet Tooth for sure.
  6. Strawberry cough is pretty damn sweet... I picked up another 1/8th tonight of this greeeat bud. :hello:
  7. damn, i just want some decently priced flavored strains, no added curing, no sprays, no flavored bong water, just straight strain flavor lol.

    Ah well, it's gonna have to wait till I can move to a more leniant country or something.
  8. Where do you live?
  9. sour diesel tastes like lemons but its not really sweet if thats what your looking for but none the less a good tasting strain.
  10. me?I live in WI not sure of availability of any of these I know my sis has tried blueberry though long time ago.

  11. 1st time I heard of that strain lol.Does it taste like the name implies?
  12. I've smoked some stuff that tasted like Fruity Pebbles, that's probably the sweetest tasting but I've never smoked Blueberry or Strawberry anything.
  13. Orange Bud is with the sweetness and aroma.

    NL#5 in nice to smoke and grow : nice flavor ,and it favors indoor grows with short flowering time ,it's resistance to fungus/mold ,short height ,bushes well if tight sticky (mild smoking) amber buds are your choice of poison.



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