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What's the stupidest thing you've done high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Freak, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. ... Post on ...

    My stupidest thing was ...

    Ok i was baked as hell, and I was trying to get my top lip over my bottom lip just dropping it ( I have no idea ) So i walked around the house challenging people to have a lip war with me whoever could drop the top lip over there bottom.

  2. I ran into a mail box with my car. I was holding a blunt. I don't think I was even high yet. I was just happy to hold a blunt. :)
  3. Snowboarded naked down a hill infront of some hot chicks... I smoked a bowl with my friend when i was boarding in my neighborhood, we got the great idea to do it naked...

    This wouldn't have been that bad if I didn't know them. But they go to my school, and it was snowing, i had no pants on, i was cold, you get the idea...I've moved twice since then though, thankfully...
  4. Doing a line of coke....with coke dealer buddies. My first time was like 30 lines........god damn I was fked up. Supposedly it was cut with heroin too, so that would explain the memories of my waving my arms around like in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas....
  5. Well, last night i was pretty fucked up and I was hanging upside down on a jungle gym by my legs. Right when I got up I knew I was gonna fall but I didn't give a shit. I fell on my fucking head and laughed so hard. Now the left part of my face gots some scratches and stuff on it from landing on it.
  6. I licked my carpet.... I thought it was chocolate sand....It didn't taste too bad either....
  7. I went into a store one day when i was really stoned to buy my friend a black and mild b/c he didnt want to go in b/c he said he was too stoned to function correctly. I went in and asked for a double cheeseburger and just stood there. I didnt realize what i said until she repeated me. I then asked for a black and mild, she asked for my id and i couldnt get it out so i handed her my wallet. When i walked out of the store i started busting out laughing b/c i just thought that it was hallarious and everyone started staring at me so i ran back to my car.
  8. ok i was in my friends old vw bug and we were all high as hell. i went to get out and i couldnt do it. i was struggling and in the struggle the seat just snapped off and the hinges broke and the seat fell back. i was like oh shit and everyone turned around and we all started laughing our asses off. i was laughing so hard i pissed myself. ahh good times
  9. Doing Freak's mom...jk
  10. i was thinking in my head what would be like to live in amsterdam, while i was walking towards the store, when i finaly got to the store, i was like "i would like a joint", i was WTF did i just said?, thank god only 5% of the total mexican pop speaks english, no hassle...and im not one of those 5% that speak engrish...
    im just high

    god save the blunt!
  11. it was a friday night i had just gotten an eighth and smoked a blunt with my friend i supermaned the roch and was coughin' like a mo fo..... so we just got up and left and went to get some munchies when we got to the store i bought popcorn, chips and a drink it cost like 4 something and i geuss i paid with a 5 but when i got change back i insisted more money and that i paid with a 20 the argument went on for 15 min. or so cause my friend thought it was funny and decided to stop me before i got into trouble cause i was cusing out the cashier screaming how this store was a rip off.

  12. That's the funniest thing I've read all week.
  13. crash my car...
  14. Ross - hahahah, that would suck!

    Pipe_420- that is by far one of stupidest things i have ever heard of somebody doing.

    Now for my own marijuana-induced unintelligence..... It was a hot august day a few years ago. I went with a bunch of my friends to this old rock quarry thats filled with water, come to find out it was a public drinking supply, but whatever... I was very stoned at the time and didnt quite grasp what we were going there to do. I'm thinking quarry pond = swimming, right? Wrong, very very wrong. We park, hop a barbed wire fence (that shoulda been my first clue), and finally get to the water. Big 'No Trespassing' signs everywhere (second clue). But these clues i did not notice, so I jumped in behind everyone else. I follow them out to the middle of the pond and onto the base of a large cliff. Some of my friends start climbing up it, i'm like "where the fuck are you going", they say "we're jumping off dumbass' (duh). I sober up enough at this point to look up, only to see a 70' climb ahead (and i know now for a fact that it really is 70 feet). So a few climb up, and and a few stay behind. Me, im thinkin 'i am so stoned right now, no fuckin way i'm goin up there'. Well 10 minutes later i'm standing at the top, dont quite remember going up but there i was. 'Well i'll just take a look atleast since im already up here (somehow)', peering over the edge revealed the farthest drop i'd ever seen (it might as fucking well have been, me stoned off my gourd). Again i'm thinking 'no fucking way'. So i just sit down.... we'll i come to, only to find everyone swimming off without me, and me still standing at the top of this frigging cliff. I yell at my friends, but they dont stop. "HOW THE HELL DO I GET DOWN?" I holler, "Jump" is of course the reply. I'm looking down at the water 70 feet below, thinking "i'm too stoned to even attempt to climb down." This was true of course, and with everyone swimming of into the distance, i panic. "Fuck it" are my last words as I take a running start and plummet over 70 feet to the water below.... We'll i obviously survived... and i must say that it was the biggest high I have ever had in my life. The drop was so far i actually had to let go of the breath i was holding and take another one before i landed. Fucking blew me away man, and its by far the stupidest/craziest thing i've ever done.

    Sorry its so long... maybe typing that whole story was another really stupid thing i've done... fuck it.

    EDIT- A few of those same friends went again the next weekend... and got busted by the po-po for trespassing. dumbass :)
  15. the first time i got high i pretended to be a bird and i jumped through his glass door windows completly destroying them, i didnt fall into all that glass tho Nooope instead i grabed hold of the curtains and they saved me but were also damaged lol im not aloud in his house anymore but meh were still good friends
  16. well of course, theres the occasional light the cigarette the wrong way deal. then there's searchin for a lighter for 10 minutes, den finding it in your hand. the best was having rolling chair destruction derbys, yup, lots of fun and stupidity there.
  17. lmao!
    Well, I haven't done anything too stupid, exept the time when my friend and I got high, and we listened to his car radio for like three hours, and ran the battery down. He went to start it and we just heard 'click click click...' we looked at each other in horror. See, he sneaked out and it was like 3 in the morning, miles away from his house. We walked to my house and got my car and tried to jump it but we were still really stoned and kept putting the cables on the wrong places... things were sparking and popping and catching on fire... lol. Well we finally got it started but we had a bit of a scare.

  18. ... lmfao! You just may have completed my week. That was some of the funniest shit I've read in a long time. Thank you. Keep up the good work :D
  19. mouhahahahaha

    U'r joking right ?

    and if not ..

    how did it turn out ? .. :D
  20. The stupidest thing to do while high is go grocery shopping. It's dangerous. Especially if you shop at a Price Club, Costco, Sam's Club, or even Wal-Mart for that matter. Anywhere they have munchies in bulk for cheap. You can double your grocery bill in an hour. You can tell yourself that you're going there at the right time so you can taste all the food at the little demo stands they have strategically placed all over the store, but not even that can stop you from hunting down all the delectibles that you'll open up as soon as you get everything loaded into the SUV and the cart put away in the Cart Return stall. Then, it's 'rip open the beef jerky!' 'tear into the cookies' 'demolish the 4 lb. tub of Jelly Belly's' and you find that they're all gone by the time you get home.

    So, I'd say, don't go grocery shopping when you're high.

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