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What's the street price for Marinol??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lilro, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. My dealer wants to sell me 5 pills for $20...They are 2.5mg pills....Is this a good deal? I'm in Bay Area, California btw.
  2. What exactly is Marinol never heard of that before, is it supposed to be a painkiller? Because I have never heard of that name before. Also if he's charging you $20 for 5 seems a little more then you should pay, you should be paying $15 or a little less.
  3. How could you say the price is bad if you dont even know what the drug is? Haha, silly goose.

    Anyways, Marinol is a synthetic cannabanoid, incase you were wondering. Not a painkiller.

    And sorry, I havent a clue about the street price of it.
  4. dunno but i heard taking one fucks u up unbelievable, buy 5 and then judge if it was worth the loot
  5. you will be far better off buying weed...I took one and it didnt do anything.

    It creeps up on you then you get that feeling you get after you get high....you never really get that high....dont know really mabey two would have been better to take then just one.

    nobody I know though thought they were any good
  6. I wouldn't buy them. The reviews on Marinol are pretty mixed, but leaning to the side of no.
  7. If you're in the bay area, you shouldn't be buying marinol. Marinol is THC only, much less pleasent than the natual makeup of the cannabis plant (mostly THC, lesser quantities of CBD, CBN). If you're in the bay area you should just get some of your area's fine cannabis instead of pure thc.

  8. that's probably what im gonna do...i figured i haven't had it before and if it's a good price, why not, ya know?
  9. In Germany, Marinol is about $600 USD per bottle of 30??
  10. Right, I've just heard mostly negative stories from marinol (in comparison to pure cannabis) but it should be a neat try.
  11. Erowid and a couple other reputable sites are strongly advising against Marinol. The side effects list is pretty gnarly as well.

    Stay safe
  12. Just another way for big pharma to profit off of something natural that doesn't require synthesis.
  13. you can make marinol with weed and oil
    and then stick it in an empty pill

    its not really unsafe if you make a synthetic version, but marinol the pill may have other shit.
  14. Marinol makes me feel like I've been hit in the head with a brick. Its not a high-its...not fun. If for some reason you do decide to take it keep in mind that the effects can take up to two hours to kick in, do not double dose thinking nothing is happening. Unless you like admiring your carpet from 2 inches away for long periods...YMMV
  15. I said that about the price because if it is a painkiller or a benzo that's a little much.
  16. Its worth nothing, most pills that aren't painkillers or benzos or amphetimines aren't worth anything at all, its something that noones going to want to take for fun, there going to want to take for what its needed for.
  17. Let me clear up a few questions concerning Marinol. It comes in 3 different sizes, 2.5, 5, and 10mg gelcaps. The high is different than weed, and daily smokers need a lot to get high. The high is different than smoking, more cerebral, less body high. It took me 10 10mg. gelcaps to catch a nice buzz, after experimenting for several months with limited supply. Bottom line...not worth it...costs too much, takes too much to catch buzz, and buzz isn't the buzz recognized by daily smokers. Stick to good bud.:)
  18. Well, if you buy it from a pharmacy in the U.S. it costs about $800.00 for 30 10mg capsules. It is only good for nausea and low appetite. It is synthetic THC. In such low dosages you are not going to get high and in higher dosages 5-10 caps+ all of the bad side effects don't make it worth it. Expensive waste of money!!
  19. I take marinol and i know everyones body is different but here is my take. Of course natural cannabis is better, one 5mg marinol might give you the munchies, 2 5mg will give you a mello buz but it takes about 35min to start but it will last 12 hours, if you take 3 (Same mg) you will get silly and that doppie feeling, Side affects most common (to me) is short term bad memory, just takes a little longer to remember but not a big deal, anxiety paranoid (mild mine you) thats about it. 3 5mg pills i think is perfect if your looking for a nice long buzz. I have not taken four pills and dont recomend it.

    I have so much of it i was curious of the street price.

    The nice part of Marinol is you can take it anytime, example: you cant smoke a joint during work for most of us anyway:)

    I would have made my own post but im new to the site.
  20. Avoid Marinol and really most pills. Pills have effects that natural substances don't. Your taking away supplementing chemicals and natural amino acid bonds. They're not as safe as the real thing

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