What's the story of your first experience smoking weed?

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  1. Mine was pretty nice. Exactly how I would've wanted it to go. Id been wanting to try it for a long time, but I was still paranoid that I'd have a bad experience and freak out. So I got with a few experienced friends of mine, bought a few grams off them and tried it. Started off with a joint first, but I think I was inhaling wrong because I didn't feel it for a while. So we moved to the bong, and that got me pretty good pretty quickly. And then like, all those worries about having a bad experience were gone. We ordered pizza, played some gta, it was super chill. Afterwards I had the longest sleep.
    So, quite a positive experience for me. Whats your story?
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  2. the first time I smoked was a few years back when my friend wanted me to come to these boxing fights with him, we'll call my friend "J", well, I show up to J's apartment and I could smell skunk just walking down the hallway, I knock and wait for him to answer, it takes him a good 5-7 minutes for him to get to the door, when he finally opens it it's obvious that he's stoned out of his mind, I can see smoke escaping into the hallway so of course I hurry inside and shut the door before too much escapes, I'm not really surprised as I've been around J many times when he smokes, although I've always secretly wanted to try it but would never admit it, even though J has offered to smoke me up many times before. We're sitting in J's apt. playing call of duty and he needs to use the bathroom, as soon as he shuts the door I just had the urge to smoke out of his bong that's sitting on the coffee table in front of me, I pick up a bic lighter and place my mouth on the mouthpiece, spark the bowl and for some reason it didn't feel harsh or anything, then I remembered you were supposed to slide the bowl out to get all the smoke, as soon as i did my lungs fill with smoke and I immediately start coughing, i can hear J in the bathroom just laughing uncontrollably and when he gets out he knew immediately what I did, well he sits down, loads up another bowl and hands it to me, i take another hit and start coughing even more, we finish the bowl and now it's time to head to the boxing fights, all I really remember is during the car ride I was amazed with how beautiful everything looked when I was high, when we get there i was really paranoid that maybe people noticed and you had to walk through security to make sure you had no weapons on you or anything, that shit was not fun man, we finally get inside the main room and there are THOUSANDS of people here, not a very good place to be for your first time being high, i follow J down to our seats which is located right next to his friend who does semi pro boxing, I was so paranoid being next to someone who I thought at the time was against drugs (I couldn't have been more wrong, I buy from the same guy every day now and we're pretty close) I start to zone out watching the fights and abt an hour later the munchies kick in, I spend $30 at a concession stand just for food for myself, I get back to our seats, absolutely demolish all the food and the drink I got and I completely lost the paranoid feeling and enjoyed the rest of the fights, afterwards we head back to his apartment and continue to smoke, 5 more bowls in and I start feeling dizzy, i fall back into the couch and I'm locked, I literally cannot move, Im beginning to see small spots of different colours, my friend is talking to me but I cant make out what he's saying, I try to control my breathing (now that I think back to this day I might have been having a panic attack or something but I do not know why) I remember when I was trying to control my breathing my mind somehow made it into a game (weird I know) but I would have to breathe in for a certain amount of time and breathe out, I followed all the steps my subconscious was telling me, and I break out of the trip just long enough to try and explain to J whats going on, he couldn't understand (neither did I) and I lay down, instantly fall asleep, I wake up 2 hours later and my friend is still up playing skyrim, I still feel the body high and laziness but I manage to stand up and get myself a glass of water which immediately makes me feel better, I drink 3 full glasses of water, sit down, see that theres more weed and begin smoking more, J and I smoke 3 more bowls and the night was pretty fine after that, I went to sleep and woke up 15 hours later and I had never felt more rested in my entire life, although for some reason for the next 2 days I still felt a very vague body high and just overall not sober. it was a pretty fun night tbh, looking back on it i was probably just really dehydrated and didnt think to drink water at the time.
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  3. I have 2 in one

    My first time smoking, I was at school and my buddy was talking to me about how I have to try it, I said no but in 7th period I texted him saying fuck it, so we go to our friends house, the whole way there I was terrified but couldn't back out. I think I inhaled wrong on all my hits because I never felt a thing. But after that we went to McDonald's and smashed on some food and I was alright,

    So my first time getting high, this is the good story

    I'm sitting with my brother who is the biggest stoner I've ever met and I was telling him about it and how I didn't get high, so he packed me a couple pinchys (if you don't know it's a small bowl that only holds like .2) I smoked about 2 of those he told me that it was too much for me. He didn't have the strain but it was very light green with orange-red hair and purple, was beautiful. After about 10 minutes it hit me like a brick wall, I had tunnel vision up the ass. I instantly panicked saying "I've never felt this it's scary" and apparently I was walking around the room freaked out. I laid down on his bed and was freaked out so hard and he explained to me he's smoked ounces with his friends in one night and how he's taken 4 bits of acid and how I wouldn't die from 2 hits of weed. I was good after he told me that and we watched half baked (amazing) and we ate some fruit. Was an awesome experience though and I'm so glad I was with my brother when I freaked

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  4. I guess I was 18 at the time, I saw a couple of my buddies at a public fireplace when I walked past it. I went there and lo and behold one of my buddies hands me jayjay. At first I told him I didn't play those games, but I almost instantly backtracked and took a few hits. It was awesome, we just hung around the fireplace and talked about stuff while listening to some random trippy music.
    I instantly realized how stupid I had been condemning stoners in the past.
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  5. My first time was embarrassing. Ill get to the point quick. I had a nasty cold. My friends had a bowl packed. I tried to pass since I was sick, but the homies said "FUCK IT!" So I took a phat hit, and let out a cough/sneeze so hard that boogers shot out of my nose onto my hand and the pipe. It was a total fail. I did feel high tho.
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