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Whats the smoking spot at your college/university?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by driving, Oct 7, 2014.

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    A question for college/uni students. Mine would be behind a tree behind the school or at the smoking bench, do you guys have a specific spot? Does anyone smoke in their dorm? Me and my friends would litterly hotbox the dorm room too without getting caught. Their wasn't that much smoke but it was enough to get a little hazed. 

  2. Hot boxing the dorm sounds like a great way to get kicked out of whatever school you're at.
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    The offences weren't that extreme at all and we had a print out of the RA's (resident assistant) schedule incase. The smoke alarm was covered and when just enough smoke came we fanned it out with this device (not a mechanical fan) forgot what it's called and removed the window screen. 
  4. College is for L7s

  5. Maybe not the offences that the school might give you for just smoking in the dorm but the offences the police give you which the school might kick you out for (marijuana charge = kicked out in most colleges where I live)
    Still a bad judgement call either way
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    In the winter it was almost the only choice. I did get caught once and was fined 150 or 200 can't remember but that's about it.  We were told the police can't charge us and they need a permit or something
    I guess i'll go on topic then:
    3 smoking spots
    1) In my bathroom with my carbon filter & bowl
    2) On my apartment balcony
    3) Beside a creek .1 miles from my place
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    If there are just a few girls, I smoke in my friend's dorm room. I put a towel under the door, light my oil burner and smoke out the window.

    Any other time, I walk people over to the basketball court of neighboring apartment complex.
  9. Parking lot
  10. In my car... As far into the back of the parking lot as I can go. Watch for campus police before each toke

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  11. The fav. spot for smokers on my campus is far, far, faaar off campus. So yeaaahhh....
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    Off by this backroad where virtually no car passes. There are also railroad tracks off to the side of the road and sometimes the train passes when I am smoking.. crazy seeing a train passing by up close for like 5mins while
  13. We have 2 community colleges and a university near where i live. All 3 have campus security roaming around. I don't know how to answer this question, as I have never been in that situation. Thank you for allowing me to put my 2 cents in.
  14. Off my back porch.
    Anytime of the day.
  15. Off campus all day, errrrr day.

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  16. i go about 50 yards away from the building...sit where ever and smoke a joint....i dont "Hide" then when im done creep out some where, where i obviously have no reason being....people look for that kind of shit especialy cops....
    Stoner Tip for newbs!
    only way a cop can tell if your smoking weed from a distance is how thick the smoke is compared to cigarette smoke. the difference is night and day. 
  17. Through the woods, down by the tracks. At least that's where I would go. It's a damn nice hike too. Bring a couple j's and enjoy the afternoon. The beach was good too but campo liked to roam there. When I was at school there no one wanted to make the hike but now when I visit, everyone goes back there. I've gotten lazy since I graduated and I tend to just plop down right outside the front door of my old dorm.
  18. Vapes are your friend man.

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  19. I either sit in a designated butt hut (glass room with benches for smokers) or just smoke a j/hit the pax while walking around campus

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  20. I'd sit on a bench at the basketball court across the street from my dorm.
    During the winter I just smoked in my dorm all of the time. Once the cops came to my door while I was in the floor lounge chilling with some girls. I locked the door and left. They asked who's room it was and where they went. I said the guys had been playing basketball for a few hours and had been gone for a while. The cops just looked at each other, shrugged, and walked away.

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