whats the smallest perpetual harvest?

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  1. I am moving soon. And my new home will allow me to grow indoors on a small scale. I would like to perpetually harvest. But don't have a giant space to do it so what I'm asking is how many plants are needed for a perpetual harvest say ever week or every other week? Also I would love to use autos so I could keep all my plants on the same light schedule. But I hear you can clone autos. So are there anyother solutions than starting from seed? What would you do?
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    It depends on how long they grow. The longer they take, the more you need going at once to meet that harvest schedule. For example, if they take 3mo from clone/seed to harvest then you need to have six plants going in order to harvest every two weeks. If they take four months then you need eight to harvest twice a month.

    You can start from seeds, clones or the less popular reveg. You should try clones for a perpetual harvest.
  3. trying my own small scale perpetual harvest, useing a 150 watt hps for clones an about 156 watt cfl for the mother, just waiting for a mom to take the next step. me personally I would clone for a sea of green. Hopefully I can come out with a decent harvest. I should need 16 clones in the flower room at all times to produce 4 clones a week, with hopefully 3/4 an ounce/oz per clone hopefully. hope this points you in some direction.
  4. if you average at least an ounce per plant, have 3 or 4 going and once you harvest about a QP it should hold you over for the next 3 months until you harvest again. thats what i would do if your pressed for space
  5. Are perpetual harvests strain sensative? Also is it better to have a mother plant or clone from existing plants? Also how well do multi strain perpetuals work out? Thanks for the help guys the cannabis community is one of the most helpful groups around.

  6. If you run a perpetual with a single strain always vegged the exact same way & harvested at the same time, then all you have to do is space out the start of each clone by the amount of time that you want to separate harvests. If you start two clones two weeks apart, you harvest two weeks apart as well. Once you start mixing strains that have different flowering times, you have to perform more complex calculations in order to get them to finish a specific amount of time apart. Also, when growing a single strain, you don't have to have experience with it in order to get separate clones to finish at the right times. No matter how long they take to flower, if you start them two weeks apart and grow them the same way then they'll finish two weeks apart. When mixing strains, you need to know just how long each will grow in order to get one strain to finish exactly two weeks apart from the other strain.

    You can either use a mother plant or you can simply top clones before flowering & use the tops as clones for the next run. It's helpful to have a mother because then you can take clones at any time, rather than just when topping.
  7. Thank you. You just took the complexity out of it. I guess sometimes we complicate simple things if we think too much.
  8. I have two 2x2x5 tents, and am trying to do one harvest a month myself, with around 196watts CFL for veg in one, and a 400 watt convertable HPS in the flower in the other. I am one month away from the first harvest of the new perpetual grow, and cant wait!!! I also threw in some auto jock horrors into the mix for an easy quality smoke, to supplement my three kush plants. A harvest every week, is too much work IMO. I would rather let the plants veg longer, and produce more more per single plant, than be constantly copping and trimming.

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