what's the sketchiest deal you ever had?

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  1. one time i had this dumbass dealer who had me drive right up in front of a starbucks. i got out of the car and climbed into his and we made the deal, his windows aren't tinted, mind you. i look up and see everyone that's sitting outside is staring right at us. i get out of the car and into mine and speed the fuck out of there.

    anyone had a similar experience?
  2. I had somebody sell me an 8th right in front of a well-lit and well-known headshop. The whole thing felt pretty sketch. I had parked a little ways away in a less conspicuous area but he insisted I come over to his car RIGHT on the road in front of all the freaking floodlights. Oh and his fucking chihuahua was yapping out the window the whole time. If I was any less desperate I would have just booked.
  3. Today, I was picking up an eighth from my dealer and neither of us had access to our cars. We met at a pizza place and he was late, so I was waiting for like five minutes in front of the pizza place. I saw a pickup truck pullup and the guy stayed in. Then my dealer and his buddy start approaching so I approached them. We had a quick conversation and he asked me for the money. He went and picked up the eighth and expected me to just stand in front of the pizza place the whole time. I was like, eff this and walked in the opposite direction and turned around and met back up with him. Then we went and picked up a blunt wrap and smoked in this sketchy ass spot while him and his friend were talking about cocaine.
    Was not a fan.

  4. hahaha fucking stoners man..god bless thee.
  5. when i was in HS, my dealer once gave me my bud like 20 feet away from this door, and literally 5 seconds after he gave it to me a school dean walked out of the door

  6. I didn't think highschools had deans.
  7. I was picking up a quarter and was told to meet at the mall parking lot by a trail that lead to a park. I pull into my spot and they pull right beside me and I have my window rolled down and she rolls down hers and tels me to lean back and throws two 1/8th bags into my car from hers. I hand her the money through the window and viola.

  8. i fuckin lold. I can imagine some dude reclining and the girl next to him reclines then all of a sudden weed bags are flying, then the money flys. Lol. hard to explain. but i lol'd.
  9. mama started walkin out to my boys whip on my street while i was weighein out 2 ounces in the back seat, i told him to peel and then i walked around da corner with my stash bulgin... LOL
  10. I'd love to be walking in the parking lot in see that lmao

  11. same lmao
  12. my high school had a dean...

    anyway, i'd say when i almost got robbed.

    Paint u a picture here. 2pm fucking broad daylight. Me and a buddy of mine are in the ghetto in buffalo ny (we're white btw, stand out pretty much i've never cared whatever) So we go to the corner store to get a philly (we were out of weed and no one to get a hold of, this was always fool proof. Dudes would be hanging around the store and if they saw u buy a philly always would offer to sell some tree) So i talk to a dude outside, he tells me to meet him by our car that parked in the street. Ok

    He's coming out the store saying relatively loud "yo u guys aint cops right?" Sure thing buddy. He tells me to come behind this house right across the road from my car. Ok whatever. Go there. On the balcony in the house next to us there are 2 like 8yr old kids playing, watching us. They can see everything. So i go back there, he goes "whatcha need?" i said a dime. He says "can u break a 50?" I didn't liek that shit right off the bat. I say no i only got this 10 on me. He reaches into his pocket and goes "aight well gimme everything you got" Still keeps his hand in his pocket. I just stand there and look at him. He says "u gonna hand everything over?" I said "u gonna pull something out?"
    I'm sorry i'm no fucking rambo, but i'm not letting some dude rob be without even a box cutter. So he goes "i think u a cop." I busted out laughing. I said "u think i'm a cop and you were gonna rob me? u got that weed or no?" he said he didn't and i walked away. Told my boy he was freakin. He probably would've handed his shit over, even said so himself. lol

    Telling u, best mugging attempt ever
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    Damn man I've had about 20, and never learned my lesson. The sketchest though, would be when I think I was a sophomore. I went to my half friend who would always get you in trouble if you were with him, but I needed weed and he knew the best connects. So he calls his dealer, he's out so he gives us a number. We call the guy, and the conversation was like this:

    Hey man ___ told us to call you for some weed
    Who the fuck is this?

    He hangs up, and calls back we answer he hangs up again. Then he calls us, and asks us all this information like where we're at, how much we want, where we live. Then he tells us to come over. So we go pull up to normal looking house. This mexican women answers speaking Spanish. Then she pulls us in the door, and motions us to sit on the couch. She then knocks on a door then opens it, we go down to the basement.

    When we get there we get like a contact fuckin high, so much smoke, and about 4 mexicans with bandannas on their face. Now around my neighborhood not sure if this was nation wide. You would wear a rag on your face if you just did a crime, or about to commit one. So at this point I'm sketched, and I'm thinkin they wouldn't kill us. If they did why would they have their rags over their face? We aren't public they wouldn't need to hide.

    So anyway this guy comes out all cool like, like his place isn't sketchy at all. He then gives us our weed, and he then smokes us out. We bought two grams of Northern Lights, and he smoked us out with some dank. I was super fucking high I asked why his place is all guarded up and shit and sketchy. He said it wasn't sketchy to him.

    So there you have it, those motherfuckers are funny as fuck, and provide some of the best weed. They are cool motherfuckers, still talk to em to this day.

    And that was the sketchiest deal that ever took place in my life. And I know saying "we want some weed" over the phone is sketchy as fuck, so he was probably sketched at first. Now I don't do shit like that. I have dealer etiquette.
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    The fuck?
  15. Back when my boys and I didn't have a go-to guy we were desperate for bud one night and one of my boys knew a guy named "chief." We drove out to this grocery store in a pretty sketchy neighbourhood, and sat there waiting for chief for a half an hour. After that half hour we look out the window and see a middle-aged black dude with dreads biking towards the car. Bicycle, not motorcycle. He gets into our car and gives us a nug of the shittiest weed ever in a piece of a yellow grocery bag.
  16. I bought a few grams in school (against my code) guy puts it in my hat and hands it back to me right after the bell rang and the halls are CROWDED, with the teacher right beside me. More than half the kids in my school smoke anyway, tho.
  17. DUDE on halloween last year me and a frend went to this guys house for weed. We were tokin in his garage when he's like "You guys wanna smoke a zigzag steamroller" we were really burnt so we were like FUCK YEAH. He tells us that we have to walk to a house just up the road and t wont take long. So he drags us to an abbandoned warehouse where me and my buddy wait for 30 mins for him to get back with the fuckin stemroller. Not that cool of a story but it was scary waiting for hm cause we had his weed and we were sure he was settin us for the po cause hes been in A LOT of trouble with the law before.
  18. my friend for some reason organised a deal out the front of my house so he calls me and tells me his coming over(i didnt know why), get arrives and tells me the guy is coming so im like yeh ill come out and say hi because i used to go to school with him and we used to kick it so as im walking out i see my grandma who lives next to me walk out so i had to try and distract her while i friend gets in the car for two minutes and gets back out which was pretty sus they could of atleast drive around the block. my grandma is pretty old so i dont think she had much of a clue.
  19. Where you rest at dawg?
  20. lol one time i was picking up from this dude. only a dub, but we met up in this Big Lots parking lot that was right off a main road. i pull in and the dudes facing the big ass 6 lane road and he throws the bud into my car and i threw the money into his, but the wind caught it and it got stuck against the curb. I had to get out and hand him the money. Mind you I was in my friends convertible the whole time, facing this big ass highway in plain sight.... fuckin sketch man

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