What's the rarest item of music memorabilia you own?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by hailChickenWing, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Be it a rare CD, item of clothing, merchandise, whatever!

    Mine isn't really that rare, but it still cost around £30 quid from Ebay UK. It's '...For Victory' by Bolt Thrower with the bonus live disc, 'War'. I've also got an original pressing of their 'In Battle There Is No Law' CD which is a bit rare.
  2. I have an autographed cd from Live that you could only get if you had tickets to their New Year 99-00 show which was postponed until February
  3. Life without Live Sucks.
    my MOST rare... Youth of Today's "we're not in this alone" originial pressing on Caroline records.. i got it for 7.66 u.s. it ruled.
    my friend stole a 90 dollar copy of a 7 seconds record from this record store by us..
  4. i got an Elvis gold disk that my dad gave me.......last time i checked is was going for $120...........i also have 2 sets of signed drumsticks, one by "the music"......and the other by "Tom McRae"........and wait for this one!............any "Who" fans out there, well don't worry if Rodger Daltry dies, i have his DNA, and he can be cloned, from a plastic cup that he took a drink out of, and my g/f caught it........how cool.....Who DNA.....lol..........jusyt need to get the dna of the rest of the band, so they can live forever and keep rocking............."we are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods"......lol......where did i leave my fishtail parker?.........aghh there you are...........Peace out..........Sid

  5. Oh, hush. No one asked you.
  6. i cant think if i have anything but my buddy has bruce dickensons wrist band.
  7. I've got ticket stubs from almost all the concerts I've been to over the years. The earliest one is from my second concert, an annual production called Mountain Aire in Calaveras County, California, home of Mark Twain's Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County. The headliners were Seals & Croft. The year was 1976.
  8. I got a bunch of bootlegs, nothing to special. I have this Metallica Cap'ns of Krunch poster 1??/5000. So out of the millions of Met fans only 5000 have this poster, so I guess it's rare. it's also signed by the Artist. Fuckin awesome poster! Now that I think about it I met one of my favorite bands Darkane and got all the members to sign my CD. Also at that show I caught the drummers drum stick! He is quite an amazing drummer. You ever hear of Darkane HCW??

  9. Cool, I'm going to see Maiden this December. I hope I have the same luck!

    Yeah, I've been listening to some of their stuff pretty recently actually, awesome band.
  10. I have an autographed cop of The Ownerz By gangstarr...

    not that rae, but they're two of the most talented people in hip hop....

    --- and don't hate on other peoples music----


  12. Well, my pals and I have got six standing tickets, so if we're quick enough, we might be right at the front!

    The support band is absolute bollocks though. I can only describe them with a pathetic noise which can't be written down. They're called 'Funeral For A Friend.' (Sorry if anyone likes them, but how the fuck can the greatest band ever be supported by these tits?)
  13. when they came to my town me and 3other friends got lawn seats for 10bucks, then when trooper was playin everyone crashed the fence and got almost front row. and maiden was playin with motorhead and dio when they came so it was a killer show.
  14. wow i'm sorry to be a rebel and all, but i think that's kind of lame.. i'm not being a miscreant, i wasn't flaming the hempress. i simply said Live sucks. i wasn't even obscene. and yet i get censored. by people who are supposed to be of the utmost accepting and open-minded nature.

    all i can say. is wow.
  15. hahaha dont worry bout it hardocre, you werent censored, just old not to be a downer. which im sure you can live with :D

    I have an unopened Sinatra Family Christmas LP!!

    hahaha, wonder why it was never opened :D

  16. which is why my now originial post says "life without live sucks". i didn't write that (obviously). legalize marijuana AFTER you legalize speech.
  17. My Plastic Cloud cd. They're a band from 1968 with only one album with 8 songson it. Ok... it's a burned cd, but it's so rare, I couldn't find the real thing (cd or record). I had to ask a guy who owned an internet radio station to burn me a copy that he had... A DUDE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! Just shows that some people are really cool.

  18. i know sorry about that...... it was me being fucked up...

    the dr. just gave me meds for the car accident i was in....

    ate a lil to much diazapam (valium)....had about 4 of em and two celebrex...with a cple cocktails.....

    normally i just woulda mentioned it... sorry about that... my fault, i was being a mangled dick....

    you weren't censored... it was jus me being a retard......:)

    sorry for the misunderstanding...... i was a bit touchy the other night... :(
  19. I have an old vinyl of Pink Floyd - The Wall.
  20. er... i am gonna sound like such a fucking fanboy but... a propagandhi/fyp split 7" picture disc... hehe everyone here just goes "...who?"

    Originally posted by hailChickenWing
    The support band is absolute bollocks though. I can only describe them with a pathetic noise which can't be written down. They're called 'Funeral For A Friend.' (Sorry if anyone likes them, but how the fuck can the greatest band ever be supported by these tits?)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    hehehhehehe... tits

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