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    Hey guys, it's my first grow and it hasn't gone well for me. One of my plants stopped growing in the early flowering and I had to get rid of it and this last one is in mid flower but it's facing some serious problems, and for the life of me I can't pinpoint the issue. At first I thought it was nutrient burn but I haven't been feeding it nutrients the past few weeks. I posted a picture here of one of the many leaves that are affected, I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what the issue is (It's either fungus, nutrient burn or nutrient deficiency): 


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  2. Sulfur deficiency. Its in the top 6 nutrients cannabis needs.
    I have horticultural Epson salts that have sulfur in them along with the main ingredient magnesium.
  3. Thanks snoopdog, do any of the foxfarm nutrient bottles have sulfur? I was using them to fertilize but stopped
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    Oh I see one of these foxfarm liquid plant foot bottles contains magnesium sulfate which contains sulfur. Hopefully this will help, thanks I'll keep you posted 
    They should. Iv never used Fox Farms stuff ever.
  6. Im seeing some kind of mag def

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  7. does kinda look like a little cal/mag might help also........
  8. Cal mag all day everyday player. Keeps those leaves nice and green!

    Keep growing till the wheels fall off!!!

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