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Whats The Price For You?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlexTheMexicanToker, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what some people pay for weed. I live in texas so I can get brown mexican heavily seeded stemmy brick for 20$-25$ a zip. 30$-50$ a Oz for some lightly seeded to medium seeded regs. And 250$-320$ for some pretty high quality. 320$ is the highest I've ever payed and it was with a dealer I only dealt with once. I hear that in Colorado you can get zips of high quality weed for as low as 100$-200$? And I also have a friend in New York that says the prices up there are down right retarded. He says he can only get the regs we get here for no less than 100$. And he says high quality herb can go up to 400$?

    So how much do you pay for low-medium-high grade weed in your area?
  2. dank prices (never really had anyone come up to me and try to sell reggie)
    $10 - 1 gram
    $35 - 3.5 grams
    $70 - 7 grams
    $140- half oz
    $200 - oz (if you have the hook ups)
  3. I'm in Tennessee... and I've never got my hands on any regs/schwag... but we got mids and dank. Where I'm at a zip of goooood fire cali mids is 120.
    And when it comes to dank, 20/g. anywhere from 50 to 70 for an eighth, depending on how dank it is.  I'd never pay more than 60 though lol. Anywhere from 90-120 for a quarter.  Usually bout 300/320 for the zip but if you get a good hook it can be around 250.  
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    Well I can either get some sprayed bullshit from the ghetto for about $350/ounce or I can get some very high quality for around $420/ounce. (Real dank nugs, a lot of people here don't know what's what and some shady dealers take advantage of that.) If you want top quality in New Jersey it's expensive unless you know a grower, and even then an ounce of top shelf would still go for $275 EASY.
  5. here in Ontario, Canada,
    nick - $5 (we call them 5 pieces for some reason)
    G - always $10, but people will try dank for 15 if they know your a noob.
    8th - (why do we call them half Qs only around here? lol) $20 for scwag which is extremely hard to find anyway, $25 - $30 for mids and $35 - $40 for dank.
    Q - $50 - $60 for mids and $60 - $70 for dank.
    Half O - $70 - $100 for mids and $110 - $140 dank.
    O - $150 - $190 for mids $200 - $240 for dank
    Although once you know the right people you get real picky with prices, I only buy ozs now and wouldn't pay more than 230 for the best.
  6. Low 5$/gram
    Mid 10$/gram
    High 10-15$/gram

    Oz of mid 200$

    Never paid over 15$ for bud :lol:

  7. im in south georgia.
    reggie-2 grams for 5$
    good mid-5/gram but im getting a quarter pound for 325.
    ill probably get it even cheapens beens how im spending an extra 100$ on a quarter ounce of some good dank.
    but the dank usually runns around 20/gram..
    sometimes 15.
    but always get discounts when i buy in weight.
  8. What I pay for dank in southern Ontario.
    $30 / 1/8
    $60-$70 / 1/4
    $120 / 1/2
  9. 10/g
    180-220 for a ounce depending on if its top shelf or mids.
    People don't really grow bush weed in Oregon
  10. I live in texas.
    $60 oz's of corn (not good reggie but it gets you there)
    Gram for 20
    Eighth for 55
    Q for 110 (bad price just two eighths)
    Half for 140-170
    Oz for 280-300
    Not bad prices around here at all. And it's some of the dankest bud I've had the pleasure of smoking, but that's probably not saying much compared to you guys.
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    Im in Tn, eastcoast prices suck lol.
    250-300 an o 
    900-1100 qp
    3,000-3,400 for a 'bow
    Sometimes cheaper when were getting that outdoor from the westcoast
  12. I thought Texas had great prices the way pussies hype it up. Shit I live in Michigan and pay cheaper than this. Maybe it's the dealer
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    Hell no dude, Texas has some of the worst prices in the states. All depends on who you know, but those prices are pretty good around here for dro.
  14. Hell no dude, Texas has some of the worst prices in the states. All depends on who you know, but those prices are pretty good around here for dro.
    </blockquote>Why do people talk like it's all that. And then I tell the poster that there buying low grade and they get offended.
    But those prices aren't bad though
  15. The only thing that's expensive is the price of your quarters honestly. I get mine for 70
    Honestly some people don't smoke dank and never have man. I gave a kid a gram of some pretty dank shit once and a couple weeks later we we're talking and he was like, "Dude, I was in ***** and someone gave me this stuff called reggie and it was a little bit better than what you gave me." Like this kid didn't know what reggie was. And there's no way any reggie was better than what I gave him. That's the situation in Texas. And yeah my quarter prices suck. I've only bought one from my regular dealer. Usually just go for eighths or halfs.
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    (ten bag) £10 - 1 gram
    (eighth) £25 - 3.5 grams
    (quarter) £50 -  7 grams
    £90 half oz
    £170 - oz 
  18. I did the math once, pretty recently.... it was something like $4 - $7 / oz for indoor, and a dollar or two for outdoor.
     Growing your own has its benefits. :p
  19. I'm from NYC. I pay 65 for upper midds. And they deliver to me. That's the other 5 it's really only 60 an 8th
  20. Yeah. You a caregiver?

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