what's the point of the death penalty?

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  1. I don't really understand why the death penalty in enforced in some countries and what the point of it is.

    I believe its barbaric. It makes the government who authorizes it just as bad as the person they are going to have legally killed. All these conservative states in the US who authorize it are only making themselves look worse.

    The death penalty may have made sense when we were more primitive and the only way to communicate to people not to kill was to punish someone BY killing them. But come on now, if a country/state enforce the death penalty.. are they not undermining YOUR intelligence?

    You can't bring an innocent person who was executed back from the dead. You can't teach people killing is wrong, and then go and kill someone and say it was in the name of the law.

    Really.. I just can't get my head around it :confused:
  2. There really isn't one. We need to do away with it.
  3. Some people don't deserve to live. There is nothing barbaric about it. You murder somebody you also deserve to be murdered.
    Why do you think murderers deserve so much courtesy? They weren't courteous to the person whos life they took.
  4. The point of the death penalty is to penalize those who don't deserve to live anymore such as child rapists and murderers.

    Why the fuck should my tax dollars go to keeping these worthless pieces of shit alive?
  5. As much as i feel taking a human life is such a bad thing, theres gotta be an alternative to people who need to spend hella long in jail. Wouldnt you rather some guy just be put down for his crimes rather than have our taxes pay to keep him barely alive for years on end (when i say barely i mean you cant really have a quality life in jail)
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    I'm sorry but I just think there's something about the government buying and injecting a chemical into the murderer that will make his/her heart stop that's just not right. It makes my stomach churn.

    My arguments and opinions about why the death penalty is pointless, is nothing to do with courtesy towards the offender.
    If anything, the death penalty is too easy on them. Death is often an easy and lazy way out of things.
  7. What's mind boggling to me is that we pay taxes to keep people that are serving life long terms alive.

    I think anyone who is given a life sentence should just be put to death. None of my money needs to be going to these people to help keep them fed and alive when they are serving no purpose to society.

    People in prison are living better than homeless people which is ridiculous.
  8. send them to an island imo, wont waste as much money
  9. Kill or be killed.
  10. Imagine if we made it mandatory death penalty for ALL crimes, even smoking weed too. Do you think we would have as many crimes? Obviously we wouldn't have many criminals left, but the fear of the death penalty is why it is still around, why take the fear away? We don't want more criminals lol
  11. right on the money, good sir
    i imagine a bullet is cheaper than the chemicals, but if you want to make them regret shit a blade will work well. a few non-lethal stabs and cut throat should suffice
  12. some people don't deserve to live

  13. Do you think that's how people should be executed? :eek:
    If you are still riding on the tax argument, someone who is sentenced to death in the US ends up costing a fortune is appeals through the legal sentence.

    The thing is, we measure ourselves as a society by our principles. Our principles tell us that the taking of a life is wrong, be it murder or execution. The state has to hold the moral high ground, and taking a life solves nothing. Indeed, the whole emphasis of our legal system is on rehabilitation, not on punishment. I do think that there are certain crimes that deserve life imprisonment, but never execution.
  14. I think it's a much needed thing, it's just not practiced enough.

    We are way overpopulated, some humans just do not benefit mankind, and some just push it down.

    People need to be killed, publized, and scare dipshits into at least think about their future actions.

    As George carlin said, let's publicize it and maybe even turn a profit.
  15. Executions should be slow, agonizing, and extremely brutal.

    It'll teach them fucks to fuck with humanity.

    Trust me, people will start acting better.

  16. Nice, you're determining who deserves to live and die? There is something barbaric about that.
  17. yes actually, i didnt exactly grow up in a way that gives me the morals that most think are right. i'd like to think they're more realistic but its all subjective.
    gotta disagree.
    1. taking a life can solve alot, if kim jong-il and his son(cut off any heirs), then get in someone who can run and care for a country and it's citizens, it would solve that crisis there.
    2. our system is built on corrupt punishment not rehab, otherwise a homeless man wouldnt be doing 15 years for stealing a bill while CEOs can steal billions and get 15 months.
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    Some of the dumbest shit I've ever read on this website. I can't even wrap my head around the stupidity here. Perhaps you're trolling though..

    Killers actually cause a decrease in population, so therefore maybe they help it by your logic then? And what do you do beneficial to mankind as a whole? Oh, nothing? Maybe you should, by your logic, help the world out and kill yourself?

    No it wont.. It wont teach them anything because they'll be dead. And if somebody is going to kill somebody, they will do it regardless of penalties because they will try their best to avoid them. If life sentences and death penalties don't deter murder, do you honestly think upping the violence will do anything? Do you even think this shit through before posting it?

  19. we are from two different countries and two different societies.
    At least the Irish government aren't being hypocrites.
    You can't tell people not to kill people and then do it yourself, claiming it's for the good of society.
    And before you hide behind the guise of the tax arguement, in most cases, sentencing someone to death costs more then keeping them alive. (Source.)

    I'm interested in how you think such a violent method of killing someone is justifiable.
    "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent." - Ghandi
  20. my missus step dad did that to her mother ^^^
    and he didnt get the death penalty.. he didnt even get jail time..
    he pleaded insanity and now gets to choose when he is fit to leave the mental hospital. utter bullshit.

    mental imparment is bullshit. if you have a job and a car liscence then you are sane enough to know not to murder people i think!

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