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Whats the point of pre-employment drug screenings?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420boxing, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Pre-employment drug screenings are a waste of time and money.  All a person has to do is be sober for the time needed to pass the test and then they can continue to do whatever drug they used to do.  So, for the job, what's the point?  as the person can continue doing their drug of choice after being hired.   The only practical purpose of the test then is to see if the person can quit whatever drug they are doing for the time needed to be tested as sober.   This reason doesn't seem to justify the cost that jobs spend on these tests.  For the user, these tests are a waste of time.  Weed smokers lose precious high time for about a month just to pass the test.   I can understand the need for post accident drug tests or drug tests that are done when there is reasonable suspicion to do so, but these pre-employment tests are a joke.

  2. Often jobs with pre-employment drug testing also have random drug testing if they want to, but honestly many will do it too just put a scare into someone that they may be drug tested in the future to try to keep them from using illicit substances...I also think they are bullshit, but they are something I don't see going away any time soon.
  3. the real downfall to the system is the fact that harder drugs are out of your system in a matter of days, whereas heavy marijuana use takes several weeks to test clean. 
  4. not only that there not like probation. even if ur a herione addict thatll be dying trying to go sober. u can just get fake piss since no ones watching. but theres a sence of security i guess that there not hiring just anyone
  5. A lot of places will give you a pre-employment drug test, but won't randomly test you. But a lot of places will send you off to a test if you get injured.
  6. In all my years of employment there's only been one job I've seen that does pre ane random drug testing. Most jobs that do pre employment testing don't do random. I don't see the point that jibs are trying to prove with pre employment testing.
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    I still think its scary how prescription pharms arent even batted an eye at if people take them. MAN ive been at work around some people just straight tripping out. Dudes getting mad and raging like Chris Benoit. Come to find out these people are looped up on multiple meds and at least one anti depressant if not a cocktail of them. But then oh you smoked weed, your a criminal.
    One guy was so doped up he almost had a transgender like attitude, would start fights and whine about the weirdest stuff and literally talk off the wall nonsense....I avoided him but kept protocol of being professional. The main big boss, if you disagreed and made a comment he didnt like to hear, hed just storm out of the room. Hey did you call such and such? No im trying this out before I call him for.....Guy storms out the room looking like hes about to strangle someone. Your suppose to set an example and if you don't like something you heard you just storm out like a fucking kid pouting? Once again on meds, this guy had anger issues and was on anti-depressants.
    Its just crazy to see how looped up people are on pharms, just off the wall crazy,"Look at the pretty colors on the TV" - not making that up, someone said that. But then if you enjoy some green, or maybe even a few other things at random you could be awaiting superb justice of a firing/lawsuits. I bet people that are altered by pharms wont have any lawsuits against them EVEN IF they were on their meds and crashed something at work and took a test. OH THEY ARE ON MEDS? Let em go....
    Illegal drugs - Are mind altering
    Prescription drugs - Are mind altering, if they are of that "class" to affect the brain.
    Whats the difference? Because its prescribed its allowed? With potentially more harm then someone smoking weed? Ive heard of people on anti depressants taking guns and shooting up places....Funny I havent heard anything about pot head johnny doing the same thing.
  8. Yeah random drug tests are a bitch, had it happen to me, but I passed only tiny amount of the was detected hardly changed colour lol
  9. I don't know dude. Obviously marijuana is completely asinine to test for in my opinion. But there are some drugs out there you'd really like to know if a potential employee was on. Especially in the area I live in.

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