whats the point of matching?

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  1. this is something that has irked me since I started smoking and learned about matching. if the reason you match is for recreation then I completely understand, but I've heard people say "I only match when I'm trying to save weed" which doesn't really make sense to me. this is how I see it - you and your friend each load the exact same amount into a bowl. so you have 2 bowls for 2 people which is just 1 bowl per person. so if you just smoked your own bowl you'd be just as high as smoking 2 bowls with another person. I've just never seen a point other than doing it when you're just hanging out with friends
  2. you match so you're both throwing down when you're smoking together.  never heard of it saving weed.  you would be correct.  usually i end up smoking more with others than i do alone.
  3. When put in your terms, no you dont save on it but i like to look at it more as an act of kindness. Ie. Im not just gonna smoke my weed and you just smoke your weed, we share :)
  4. Agree

    You match so everyone contributes
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    glad i dont have to worry bout that shit anymore..when you're older nobody cares and everyone just packs or rolls whatever till we're stoned..no negotiating required
  6. ^ this, it's just a smoke session everyone gets high and we are all happy. 
  7. I usually match with my bros with 5-5 but when I get higher bills, that's where I cop for myself. 
  8. its just courtesy
  9. I always thought it was just kind of a social thing because smoking by yourself is boring sometimes.  because mathematically, you're right. there is no actual benefit to it other than the fact that you're with your friends now.
  10. Yea this is the case for me too.

    Except one good homie who we ALWAYS have to mention to him to throw down. So annoying you wouldnt believe...

    But of course he has no shame asking to smoke more. Speaking up next time in a nice way because im tired of it and everyone else is.
    Except older folks like me who has bills to pay and can't afford to spend money smoking everyone out. 
  12. Look at it this way, you and your friend each have a dime you're both throwing into a Dutch. You roll it and start smoking, it gets down to the end and you have a slightly higher tolerance than your friend so he says he's good on that and you smoke the rest of the L and get higher than you would have if you just smoked the dime by itself. o.0 haha I'm just high right now but yeah idk it's kind of just something to do with your friends when you each have bud instead of throwing each other 5s. Plus say 5 ppl match on a bong sesh. Not everyone's gonna smoke the exact same amount. Get what I'm saying?
  13. Right on. You just pass it and fill it till everyones baked.  Doesn't matter whose packing it...If a couple guys dont have any bud its ok because I know theyre good for it another time
  14. Lol I wish more people would match me. I hate smoking up people who have bud an never offer to match me .

    I now tell those stingy people I ain't packing unless your matching.

    Hay man you should pack a bowel us a bowel.
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    I match all the time, you light up a blunt I light one up and we smoke both or just put it in one

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  16. cause otherwise you would be 2 different smoking "circles" and it unifies you

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