What's the point of knocking

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  1. I just walk right in. If the door aint locked, no point in knockin.
  2. I always knock and wait unless the guy knows I'm coming and just says to come in the backdoor is open.

  3. I also will never understand why when your smoking in a room, people leave the room and just leave the door wide open, for all the smoke and smell to escape into the house.

    If doors were closed when you found them, keep them closed...

    I swear common sense just doesn't exist these days.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I don't knock, I kick the door down and yell "YIPEE KAYAY MOTHERFUCKER".
  6. Walking in my spot without knocking constitutes an Ong Bak flying knee.NO exceptions! Well maybe except for close family but even still I believe I reserve the right to toss'em out Uncle Phil style.

  7. this made me lol:hello:

    I have a lock on my door but that doesn't stop the "WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!?!?" from coming into play hahaha
    But I don't have to hide smoking, that's the cool part:smoke::smoke:
  8. or maybe it could be me! DUN DUN DUN!
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3NbpJyGz6c]YouTube - Family-Guy Oh Yeah Kool AId Guy[/ame]

    Fuck knocking. Break down the wall instead.
  10. if the koolaid dude jumped through my wall he'd bust through and be like "damnnnn that's some dank, lemme get some of that!:cool:"
    and we'd smoke some bowls and get a little blazed:smoke: and probably a blunt or two and we'll be like this:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke: and hed give me a big jug of koolaid since he shares and i'll be like this :hello:

    damn i'm blazed, :p
  11. This is why I always lock my shit.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ]
    Bow chicka wah wooka wooka wooka

  14. You know what I meant silly :rolleyes:

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