What's the point of knocking

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  1. When the person knocking knocks and doesn't even wait for an answer, or "go ahead" they just knock and open the door right away.
    I don't understand
  2. i always wait
  3. me too, or I follow the knock with a question
  4. knock knock
  5. Who's there!?

    Better be the weed man, cause im ready to SMOKE A BOWL

    ...here goes
  6. I guess it's more of a warning.

    "Ok, quit your fappin', I'm coming in."
  7. Caught masturbating?

  8. I wouldn't of even had enough time to put half my dick away
  9. [​IMG]

  10. [​IMG]
  11. epic win
  12. That's not my card, but I'm a medical patient, you get my point:hello:


  13. Well it gives me just enough time to take the safety off the shotgun:devious::smoke:

  14. Lmfao!!
    Smelly pigs
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Hey it's like your signature
  17. haha look how happy that guy looks on his card
  18. i noticed people around here do that a lot. Where i came from, the hood, you wouldnt dare just knock and bust in. Now i live in the country and its almost expected to just walk in. I still knock and wait.
  19. depends if i know the door could lead to seeing that person jerking off.
  20. word, i got a lock on my door because of my fuckin dad. he just barges in like "HEYWHATRUDOIN?"

    even now he'll turn the handle six times, pound on the door and shake the handle again, like "JIIIM? WHATR U DOIN?"

    he's not fuckin with me, he's just mad annoying sometimes.

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