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Whats the point of keeping weed fresh!?!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Squishey, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Lots of people mention having fresh weed, or do this to keep your weed fresh...ect.
    I dont understand why this is so important! Does it burn longer? Does it hit better? Why cant you let it dry? It still has the same amount of thc does it not? Also, somebody told me to keep it in a mason jar to keep it fresh. Even though i dont know why, i did. Its simaler to this jar
    and this jar (size)
    with the built in latch, but its small, about as tall as a lighter and as big around as a canadian dolar. Its perfect size, but will the rubber seal (its completley airtight) keep it fresh? I've heard that if its completley air tight it wont stay as fresh aswell:confused:. Please help me to clear these misconceptions and questions from my head. Thanx.
  2. So it won't mold and so it won't be crumbly n dry.
  3. Hmm, well that was extremley helpfull.... Did you read my post? or just the title.
    Why dont you want it crumbly? =0 and isnt moisture making the chance of mold more pronounced?
  4. that, you dont want moldy weed. if you have it in a sandwich bag it will be find by the time you smoke it, unless you got a few zips. depends on how much you smoke.
  5. It provides a smoother smoke. And fresh weed by definition doesn't have mold. It wouldn't be fresh if it did. If you're keeping it in the open air, you're exposing it to more bacteria and fungi that will infest it. You keep it covered and in a jar for the same reason you bandage a wound- to avoid outside contamination.

    However, some degree of air flow is necessary; the chemical reaction by which CBN turns into THC requires oxygen.
  6. Mostly to keep it smelling good. You don't want it too dry.
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    Fresh weed does burn a little bit longer and it also has a better taste and isn't as harsh. Weed that is very very dry has less taste and burns very quickly and rampantly, the bowl burns itself out faster leaving you with less hits.

    Also, airtight is fine as long as you're opening it up often, which is pretty likely since you'll be taking the bud out to smoke it. What you don't want is to trap wet air with your weed for a long time, because that opens up to the molding possibility.
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    It's pretty much all of the above. It burns slower, has more taste, less harsh tasting, and cleaner. Would you smoke dust if it got you high? I think not.. you want to know what's in your smoke. Of course, we don't know all 420 chemicals in marijuana, but at least we know mold and bacteria aren't one of them. Also, depending on how much you are going to be smoking, you won't need anything airtight. It will be fine in a ziplock bag or regular sandwich bag. Mason jars are mainly for people who grow or have massive amounts of weed that they need to stash for prolonged periods of time.
  9. 420 chemicals? lol......

    bacteria isn't a chemical by the way, it's bacteria :)
  10. Storing it in an airtight container to keep it fresh is just preserving the work your grower did to properly cure the bud. once it's cured and everything though, it's good.. you can keep your weed in an airtight container for days weeks.. months and it will not mold. what that does do is allows it to sweat.. if you ever find a nug that's been in a jar for a while it will get you really fuckin high. but also dried out weed looses some of its potency, not a lot of it but it's definatly a noticable difference from when it's nice and fresh. you do also loose taste and burning power as an added bad result.
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    Yea, its nice to store in your weed so its smell proof in case you need to travel. Other than that unless you have a lot of weed, that your keeping for awhile. By the time a real stoner has a stash, you won't have to worry about keeping it fresh because you would smoke it before you have to worry about mold.
  12. CBN does not turn into THC lol. It's the other way around, CBN, cannibinol, is the degraded matter in which is resulted from thc aging. CBN does not get you high, that is what happens when your weed dries up and gets old with time.
  13. i grind mine all up and put it in 4 3.5 gram jars i keep some of the bigger nugs i get in a mason jar for later or when i am dry
  14. if you have any jam jars just clean them and store your weed in there. works wonderfully.

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