Whats The Point Of Introducing Religion At A Young Age

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  1. Kids believe in fucking Santa Clause of course they're gonna end up believing in god.

  2. Its easier to brainwash when your young lol
  3. Parents think they know what's best for their child. It's a good thing in their eyes. Letting your child develop their own beliefs isn't a big theme within the religious community.
  4. You answered your own question!  :hello: 
  5. Lol! good posts
  6. its indoctrination of your indoctrination. if you grew up going to church or mosque or synagogue or whatever then you probably have a family that would expect you to take your kids otherwise you will have to hear about it. so to save the headache you often go because you were taught thats how to be a good person and you know very well you learn good values that most people should have ( just happens to be religiously affiliated).
    the point in teaching at a young age is the same for any skill you teach a kid at 2 and 3. some people start their kids off with reading or math or music at a young age ad they often become very good at the skills required. the earlier the better. its like another language. the sad thing is that when you teach a young child, their brains take in more info and retain it more efficiently. 
    the same is for religion. if you show them the way to be (in the eyes of god) very young then they will probably have a easier time in behaving the way they are supposed to according to the scriptures they learn from.
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    Lol at religion.
    Religion is what's wrong with the world. If it didn't exist, there wouldn't be so many god damn conflicts like the Boston bombings, 9-11 etc.
  8. Because usually when you have a family the kids go wherever the parents go. If I had kids and I went to church every Sunday and studied the bible and prayed and all that jip jazz, I would want my kid to do the same. What's so hard to understand about that? 
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    Children lack critical thinking, and they earnestly listen to anything they're told. Brainwashing essentially, also as someone said you answered your own question.
  10. it's one of the most efficient ways to allow them to grow up without questioning reality
  11. How does "introducing religion" to a child automatically equate to indoctrination and brainwashing? This is dumb...
  12. It's meant to take advantage of innocence. Like how they believe in Santa.
    Just that they are never told God is fake too.
  13. Children listen to their parents. How many of you believed Santa was real before? It's a way to indoctrinate them so they don't question it. I think children need to develop their brains fully before making a decision that could decide how they live their entire life. 
  14. Not introducing students to it, when parents/guardians authority figures are constantly forcing it on a child. Like OP said, they believe in santa, the tooth fairy, easter bunnies etc.
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    Well, it doesn't and I don't think anyone's really trying to say that, but you cannot deny that most of the time it is indoctrination rather than any sort of stab at critical thinking considering the vast majority of the time, the children are only being introduced to a single religion and with the intentions of having them accept it as undeniable truth. 
  16. lol now that I think about it, they probably spent more on candy for kids then they did to actually fix up the place.
  17. Some of these responses are a little extreme if you ask me.
    Parents don't introduce their children to Santa Claus with the devious intention of brain washing their child or taking advantage of their innocence. You instil the belief in them to encourage good behaviour, and segue into themes of appreciation, spirit, and giving. And why wouldn't we try to shape our children upon the basis of the values we, ourselves, were raised on?
    It's the same with religion. If a parent believes in God, why wouldn't they bring their child up on that platform? Say what you will about religion - I can't defend the actions of others - but faith is built upon a boat load of moral lessons.
  18. Children should have a choice in what they believe in, they shouldn't be forced into believing something that's about as real as santa claus.
  19. brainwashing
    It becomes more and more difficult to get someone to accept a ridiculous idea the older they get
  20. Lying to your kids about a man in the sky is not good. Better lessons not based upon religion can be taught to children. Stop trying to rationalize religion, it is only good at separating people.

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