Whats the Point of Hash?

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  1. I've searched and found nothing, so if someone would point me in the right direction, that would be nice. My question is the same as the title. Whats the point of making hash? Ive read hasmouf's guide and he used about a quarter ounce to make his hash. It seems as if he got very little hash out of the quarter ounce. Whats the point of turning a quarter ounce into a smaller amount of hash? I understand the hash is stronger, but you also have less, why not just smoke more of the original weed? Any help/advice would be great. Thanks. :smoke:

  2. Well in most cases u wouldnt use actual bud. Unless u have A LOT I dont recommend using actual buds to make hash.

    In most cases u would use material that is basically worthless (sugar leaf and trimmings) and turn it into a small amount of DANK hash. :D

    Hash is VERY strong in most cases. It only takes 1 or 2 big rips to get REALLY REALLY high. :D
  3. Ah, I get it. Makes sense.
  4. and for example i smoke alot of pot so pot really doesnt take me to where it use to i have a huge tolerance so smoking hash is prefered by me over i pot i look at pot as the middle man i just want the trichomes haha
  5. Hash is more concentrated THC, which makes it quite a bit more potent.
  6. the point of hash is awesome amazingness.
  7. smoke some and you will know the difference.

  8. I don't know, I was recently comparing the price of hash at dispensaries, roughly $35-$40 a gram, and how much quality bud it'd take to make that hash, and it seems to be in your favor.

    But in general, yes growers will often use sugsrleaves, stems, and popcorn buds to make it. Non growers can save up stems and shake to make their own.
  9. thats like asking "what's the point of eating pussy"?
  10. In my opinion, there are a couple reasons as to why someone would prefer hash over good ol' bud.

    1. In the case of medical patients, a stronger dosage is often required, and smoking hash allows a high dose, with little smoke.

    2. Making hash allows large quantities of pot to be reduced to a smaller quantity, allowing for easier storage/transport/etc.

    3. Incorporating hash into edible recipes allows one to skip the plant matter removal steps.

    4. Making hash out of trim allows you to turn "trash" to "stash!"

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