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What's the point of expensive bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongToker92, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I don't see the point in really expensive bongs. Like if you drop it its just gonna break like a cheaper bong. Idk I feel like there's not really a point in spending too much on a bong. Someone explain it to me?
  2. Because it would be stupid to buy a 30$ one if you plan on toking everyday. If that is your plan then invest in higher quality pieces.

  3. Not $30 but not $300 either. I know people with $80 bongs that have had them for years.
  4. People buy high end glass for a few different reasons.

    The first reason would probably because its higher quality glass, so if you do drop it it might still be perfectly fine. I know I hit my SYN ash catcher on my cabinet and it fell 3 feet into my sink and nothing happened to it.

    The second reason is because you can get some of the best diffusion out of high end glass. China glass will remake the percs, but they're never as good.

    The last reason is because it is art or atleast its art to me. I know when I have my own place I'll have a whole shelf for my retired pieces sitting in my smoking room just to stare at haha.
  5. The more you put in, the more you get out..typically.

    High end bongs are usually blown with higher quality glass and offer multiple filtration systems that deliver a smoother, higher quality smoke.

    Not to mention they look kickass.
  6. idk man i saw my buddys roor fly out of his backpack four days ago when he fell off his longboard and it landed on concrete and just bounced back up like it was nothing, so i wouldnt say an expensive bong just breaks as easy as a 40 dollar piece from the local gas station.
  7. Smoke more and youll understand the difference between a 80$ bong and a 300$ bong..
  8. I can see where you guys are coming from but it would get you just as high. The only real difference that I can see from you guys replys is that the glass is stronger and smoother hits. Idk I haven't had any experience with really expensive bongs so I wouldn't know but from what I can see I don't think they're really necessary
  9. no it is not going to break like that $30 piece of shit bong you purchased.

    i have knocked over shitty pieces & quality glass.
    shitty pieces are not as thick therefore they shatter.
    that quality piece is gonna bounce.

    but hey its your money. if you want to buy a cheap tube, then go for it.

  10. Nothing wrong with that man! You just get to spend more money on bud :bongin:

  11. Chill lol I'm not trying to argue with you or hate on you I'm just trying to see why people buy expensive glass.

  12. all chill here. sorry if that came off as douche bag like. haha

    in all honesty you get what you pay an extent.

    i wouldn't go and get some crappy $30 piece though, thats for sure.

    what are you looking for specifically?
  13. Quality.
    Plus I like to support artists. People and companies that take pride in their work and pay attention to their customers, not some overseas clock puncher banging out 20 tubes a day.
    I paid $175 for an Itza Bubbler. Not a ton of money, but the glass is thick, the seams are flawless and the base is nice and heavy. It has details that might go unnoticed like the inside weld under the UFO diffuser that connects to the base. The symmetry of the slits is perfect.
    I could have bought several cheaper pieces, but I had a vision of what I wanted and this piece met all the criteria and it was well inside my budget.
    I am proud to say that I have never bought a piece of china glass. My grandfather used to say "Buy the best you can afford." and that is pretty much what I do with all my hobbies. If I can't afford the quality I want, I don't mind waiting.
  14. What's the point of an expensive TV? An expensive car? An expensive house?

    Because it's better than the cheap China glass crap.

  15. I don't see the point in really expensive cars. Like if you get in a crash, it's just gonna smash the same as a cheaper car. Idk I feel like there's not really a point in spending too much on a car. Someone explain that to me? :smoke:

    People are just stupid when it comes to money. Somehow commercials set the standard for societal expectations even though no one can afford wasting as much money on stupid stuff as they do. It's sad.
  16. I don't know, as a daily user I find that I like my hits to be smoother, tastier and have a good looking bong. Instead of buying a 50$ just for shits lol
  17. I've been looking at this one but I'm not sure whether i should get it or not. I like the design and everything on it but I kinda wish it was all clear glass.
  18. its preference but i find that clear glass pieces are much better. only because i like to know how big my hit is.

    also downstem size is a big deal. def get a diffused one...but id say 14mm

    and straight tube or beaker bottom?

    im guessing since you dont wanna drop money stemless is out of the question, but they are by far the smoothest hitting pieces.

    also dont get a perc if you are not spending serious cash, as it will break and be a piece of crap.

  19. you really think a Kia is gonna hold up as well as a BMW in a crash test...
    only way they'd have the same rating is if we where in China

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