Whats the point of anything

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    .... when the everything is going to end? In googol years, the universe will cease to exist. So whats the point of doing anything??
  2. Do you think it's going to end soon, in human perspective? It's not. Seize the day, live life.
    Do the best you can in life and don't spend time worring. 90% of what folks worry about, never happens.
    The other 10% can not be effected by worry alone.
    Admit when you fuck up, learn from it, but don't dwell on it.
    Still concerned? Make a plan, be flexible, break it down into little accomplishments towards the goal.
  3. Be happy or die trying. No point to it, but we're here so we might as well enjoy ourselves

    It's funny, I think the same thing sometimes but for some reason it brings me great comfort.  It actually provides perpective to live and take chances.
  5. But there's no point in ANY of this existing, am I right?

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  6. A lot can happen in that time, we may have options or evolution to continue us onward.
    A roller coaster ride will also end, why pay to take the ride?  :smoke:
    Read the of Myth of Sisyphus by Camus.  He starts with your assumption, but draws a different conclusion.  It fixed my soul at a time when I needed fixing most.
  8. Meaning isn't inherent to anything. We create it.
  9. Im still confused on why the universe even exist? I mean I know nothing last forever, but it still bothers me that everything we know and everything that exist will be gone! I just don't understand

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  10. apart from human manipulation, prejudice and desire, all that exists, is meant to exist; never at fault.
  11. The point of anythinh, is to have fun.

    If, on your deathbed, you can look back and say "I had a good time", then you suceed at life
    Why does something have to be permanent for it to have a point?
  13. it is what it is
    it certainly isn't not
  14. Well nothing never exists, there is always something. The universe will dissolve be reborn as a medium for experience and consciousness to manifest in various forms.
    Nothing. That is the point!
  16. This is blowing my mind.................... :hippie:
    Good point^
  17. Think of this; Einstein stated - 'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.'
    Our energy will continue. :smoke:
  18. to live love and learn
  19. There is no point to anything.  It's just a big experiment of randomness. :D
    Just be glad you get to experience puffing the herbs.  That is all.

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