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Whats the point of a carb?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MisterRoboto, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Whats the point of a carb on bongs and pipes?
  2. Its to clear the chamber. With a bong you fill the chamber up with smoke, then let go of the carb, outside air rushes in and you get the smoke. Same with pipes but in a smaller scale.
  3. release the carb and all the smoke that has collected in the pipe? bong whateva gets replaced with air pushing all the smoke into your lungs. carbs are a must.
  4. Yeah, the carb is for clearing the chamber full of smoke.
  5. To clear the piece so when you take the next hit it doesnt have any stale smoke in it.
  6. so you can clear the whole chamber of smoke without having to take the whole bowl pack in one hit. helps out especially with the bigger bowls.
  7. is the function of the carb the same on a bubbler?
  8. yes of course
  9. yup same thing on bubbler
  10. With bubblers, there is a technique I do with my bubblers carb, hold on to it only for a total of 2 seconds after lighting, then place your finger back on the carb immediately after taking it off and repeat it over in over again so your finger is rapidly moving on and off the carb.

    You get hella rips!! O.O
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    I'll respond with a previous post.:

    You guys all need to learn about carburetors. Think VW bug. Why does it have a carburetor and not fuel injection?

    \t \t \t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t
    the carburetor must:

    • Measure the airflow of the engine
    • Deliver the correct amount of fuel to keep the fuel/air mixture in the proper range (adjusting for factors such as temperature)
    • Mix the two finely and evenly

    The carb on your pipe is used for controlling the amount of air (oxygen) which causes the weed to burn. Proper burn temperature is desirable in order to not kill the THC. How close can you get it to vap temperature?

    For example:
    Not using the carb causes the maximum amount of airflow thru the bowl. The cherry burns hotter and hotter due to the constant flow of air (oxygen) past the cherry (try to imagine a bellows blowing on the embers of a fire).

    Example 2:
    Try to smoke without holding the carb: No air goes thru the bowl due to the inability to decrease the pressurization of the chamber (for example if you had Superman's lungs and could suck hard enough and long enough, you could effectively smoke this way becuase the decreased pressure would draw air in thru both remaining holes).

    Now imagine 2 pipes with different sized carbs. One carb is so small (*or clogged with resin) that releasing it has virtually zero effect on the way the cherry tokes. You haven't carb'd the pipe in this case. Your other pipe has a carb big enough to pass a pencil thru: hitting the carb on this pipe is inexact, and it is not easy to effectively control the burning temperature of your weed.

    Example #3:
    Your carb has JUST THE RIGHT SIZE. After lighting a bowl, you can release the carb and smoke it open and the weed burns at just the right temperature the whole time.

    How to use the carb:

    Visualize your VW bug's carburetor: what does it do? It's a rotating mechanism which allows air to pass to the combustion chamber by constantly blocking and opening a valve. The carburator is adjusted mechanically to insure the proper amount of air (oxygen) reaches the fuel.

    You can mimic a mechanical carburetor by tapping the carb on your pipe on and off. This action (repeated tapping of carb) allows you to control the airflow and thus the burning temp of your weed. Varying the duration and speed of tapping the carb allows you to determine the proper amount of burn for your toke. If your bowl is already super cherried, it's likely that toking with the carb open will work fine, because the weed is already burning and needs little extra fuel (oxygen).

    An added benefit of smoking using this carb method is that it causes the smoker to draw slow and steady. The main advantage is avoiding ash hits to the tongue by avoiding vigorous toking, and the resulting air shot you get when the carb is finally opened.

    The art of the cherry:

    Don't you hate it when you pass a bowl to your friend and instead of just smoking the cherry he re-lights it and burns even more weed? When someone hands me a pipe, I test it first by slowly hitting it with the carb on-off-on method; if I can stoke the cherry, I keep smoking it until it's lit and pass it to the next guy.

    Check out some of my vids for some proper carb action. Click the sig:
  12. You would get the same amount of smoke and possibly more if you didn't do that.
  13. I do this sometimes too, though I think more out of habit lol
  14. that was informative. thanks. so its kinda like a bong hit only more controlled?
  15. yeah on most bongs the slider acts as a carb
  16. I think I'm doing it wrong. I can't clear a bong to save my life. and I get way too stoned to function. I watched AVP from start to finish, watched the credits, then turned to my friend and was like "dude... what did we just watch?"
    are bubblers gonna do the same?
  17. bubblers dont give you the giant hits like bongs do but they're great bc you still get a pretty big hit(smoooooooth)

    And if you're that stoned, you prob are doing it right. Not everyone can clear a bong
  18. I smoked weed out of a pipe with no carb once.
  19. I dont think I've ever seen a chlllum or one hitter with a carb

  20. i have a pipe without a carb, i rarely use it though, its made outta wood, looks pretty sweet, id take a picture but i left it at my friends house like a month ago

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