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What's the perfect smoking routine?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jpuffed, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Well as a daily smoker for a few years now I always catch myself wanting to take breaks or stop for a while because my tolerance is too high I'm smoking too much the highs ain't as good as they used to be... I've made some changes in life that I wanted to like working out got a job again etc but the smoking habits still stay the same. So my question is what's your opinion of the perfect smoking routine? Once every couple days once every 2 weeks maybe once a day but at the same time or what? How do you get the best highs as frequently as possible without smoking too much & how should I lower my tolerance?

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  2. I smoke once or twice a week because my tolerance goes up quickly. I prefer late afternoon or evening as the first smoke of the day is best. I find I can't chase a high. I recently read something about our receptors for cannabis that suggested smoking small amounts more frequently can also increase your receptors. For me smoking once or twice a week does the trick for keeping my tolerance down. Now an edible will prevent me from a good high for about a week, but I like a high mg edible. I also am a female with a good % of body fat and I exercise which releases thc from body fat. I do get a good endorphin rush from exercise. Maybe part of that is thc..
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  3. That's very interesting! I'm starting to pretty much just smoke once a day at night time hopefully I'll get to twice a week soon :)

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  4. I'm in a similar situation to you OP, I have smoked for years but can't really take a break... I just love smoking too much :D.

    I honestly can only get a nice high from smoking if I smoke a big bong bowl or two small ones in a very short amount of time, and it doesn't really last too long.

    When this happens, I'll switch to vaporizing for a while. .2g's in a vape has the same effect as smoking .3-.4 gram for me, and it's a much more pleasant high as well. Sometimes it'll be strong to the point where I'll get anxiety in public.

    if vaporizing isn't your thing or you don't own one, just try slowing down your smoking and cutting back. When I was broke as shit my freshman year of college, I was sort of forced to ration out my smoking, so I never had too crazy of a tolerance even though I had smoked daily for 3 years prior to that.

    Like Joker said, your first session of the day is always the best, so I'll have a small session in the morning/afternoon, maybe a few hits to tide me over til 10:00ish. Once it gets late enough, I'll have one nice stoney session that'll last until I pass out. Lmao. I'm sort of rambling but you know what I'm saying.

    TL;DR: I've been smoking since mid high school and can still get high as shit from .2g's in a vaporizer, but slowing down is the easiest way to lower tolerance if you don't have a vape. Take a few hits and see how you feel before you smoke more.

    Good luck.
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  5. To keep tolerance down I try to only smoke once a day right after I take my weed capsules. I figure if it's once a day I should do it up right. And then later I give in and smoke a booster dab shortly before I pass out on the couch. And I still develop tolerance.
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  6. The most satisfying highs always come after a one week tolerance break. But... seeing as that's not realistic for a whole lot of us, try holding off the entire day and just smoking at night. 24 hr t-breaks are the best if you're a regular!
  7. My tolerance is pretty high, but I find if I switch my smoking devices up it seems to help like switching from dabbing to hitting my volcano or occasionally smoking a bong pack but my usual routine on weekedays is I head to work at 7 AM, work until 3:00 and then usually am home and smoking by 3:15. Then I just take a few dabs, hit a few volcano bags and repeat the next day. Weekends, me and my girl pretty much just wake and bake and thats how the day goes
  8. I once every 2 days or once a day. But small amounts, tiny rips trough the bong or pipe. That is for weekdays.
    Saturday depends on what i'm doing at night, Could be a smoke out or just grabbing a beer with the lads, it depends. But sunday is my zero tolerance day, (atleast i try to ), that means no caffeine, weed or alcohol.

    So i smoke frequently but not that high amounts, mostly after 4pm. In the weekends it can be all night smoking.

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