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Whats the official low-down on Polm (pollen)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Marc, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Got offered to try some of this Pollen stuff (apprently the correct name is Polm and somehow changed to be known as pollen) and it looks just like hash, but its lighter and it burns much better, as soon as you stick a light to it, it starts to burn, and when your mixing it in, it sticks to your fingers, its really like, like a pack of Quavers or something :p

    Smoking it is good as well, it tastes like a hash (or the common soapbar around here, low-ok mid grade hash) but it had a certain tinge to it, one joint never got me high, but provided a close enough long lasting feeling.

    I've been told anything from its got no THC to its just tar, also been told its crystals from the plant, I'm not sure on any accurate info, so if anyone has some, I would be greatful, ta.
  2. Do you mean kief?
    If your talking about kief than your smoking some good shit!
    usually kief is colected in the bottom of a ganja grinder with a super fine screen that the "Thc crystals" can only fall threw.. Super potent.
    = Good smoke
  3. That must be the stuff, it smokes so smooth, burns so quick, in when you try to crumble it in, it crumbles in like little light squares. Its good stuff!
  4. Sprinkle it ontop of a regular bowl of greens. Dont let the flame touch it either. This is THC and a lighter is VERYY HOT which will ecentually burn the THC vefoire it can be relieced. Just kinda let it Melt without torching it..

    It is verry good and i love smoking it. A good treat for sure
  5. i have never heard it called polm but its name didnt get changed to pollen, it is called pollen because thats exactly what it is, the pollen of the plant otherwise known as kief...and kief is some delicious shit gets you fffffd way to smoke it is mix it in with some bud and toke out of a nice bong...also when handling it dont use yiur fingers, use a credit card or drivers license so you wont lose any on your hands

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