Whats the name of your piece?

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    I dont know if theres any thread for this already, but if you have a name for your piece, post it here with pics.

    I only have a glass spoon, which i bought for 20 dollars at The Hempist in Northampton. My girlfriend named it "the magic 8 ball" cause theres an 8 ball in the bulb on the side of the pipe. Sorry for the poor quality. I dont have an actual camera, but I took that picture with my laptop webcam.

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  2. pretty much my first post so yeea whats up grass city!:wave: Well up until five days ago i had a nice blue with red swirls spoon. It has since been taken by the Gahanna Police Department to add to their collection of broken dreams...bastards. She was gorgeous, nice colors, perfect curves, easy on the hands, straight up qualitly. Well i named that pretty lady after my friends mom, Tiffany, because the piece was almost as beautiful as that hott ass MILF. Id get pictures of the spoon and milf, but milf pictures aren't always readily available and i never got a picture with the spoon:(
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    Her name's Winterfresh. She's really dirty in this pic lol
  4. This guy's name is Buck. I bought him from a hippie "head shop" at a flea market. Made in Brazil bitches.

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  5. 'The Professor'

    Unfortunately, I recently broke it and it is completely unusable.
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    Here's "The Swede" I Named her in honor off the first person to ever hit it: a Swedish foreign exchange student that I met randomly at the commons on my campus :D
  7. I have a few bongs, but the one i've been using is named Johny Cashed. This is him taking a piss. hahahaha

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  8. I don't name my smoking apparatuses.
  9. my only piece is made from a gatorade bottle so I named'em Gator

  10. haha thats totally fucked. I had a bong named the professor. Hence my username 'the prof'
  11. i have a pipe called sir smoke-a-lot, another named j.r.r. toking, a bubbler called master chiefa, and the rest have no names.
  12. serenity. because the front of the bowl is like a flower, and flowers are peaeceful, hence serenity. i thing shes aptly named :) :smoke:
  13. Just got a new spoon a few days ago, freind was sayin it got herpes on it cause i bought it used. so it stuck, my bowl's name is Herpes.
  14. dr. greenthumb and sir hits-a-lot
  15. I have 4 pecies only one named He is my first and he poped my cherry ( no homo ) his name is Admiral skunk and he is a spoon
  16. My old POS Acrylic bong was called Kimbo Slice
    After that melted ( yeah literally ) i got a new glass bong which i promptly named K2 ( Kimbo 2 )
  17. i call my ice bong The Beast becuz it just really is :)

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