What's the most you've ever eaten?

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  1. my best was in on sunday: 2 packages of cinnamon rolls, a pizza, 2 packages of ramen noodles, half a carton of ice cream, 4 ice cream cones, 3 sandwiches, and a nice supper of beef stroganoff with mashed taters n corn. i'm honestly a little sickened looking at all that
  2. dude how the hell did you pull that off?
  3. The bigger you get the more weed it takes to get you blazed.

    Remember that when you are on your 11 thousandth calorie.

    But on a side note, I can easily eat 2-3 pounds of food at one time. Top Foods has a chinese buffet where you pay per pound. 5 bucks per pound I usually get like 2 pounds and smoke a fat bowl and see how long I can wait til I eat it. It's a game I always win.
  4. haha wake n bake sesh, then a couple bowls at 11 another couple bowls at 2 a bowl at 4 and a bowl at 630 or so. and i have no idea how i fit it. i'm not even big. i'm 5'10" 170
  5. Damn dude. Dayum.
    But I understand the feeling of extreme munchies.
  6. When i was 12 I ate two whole racks of ribs and a bowl of ice cream. I was only like 5'5 and 100 lbs, well not after that night haha.
  7. well, lets just say i used to work at mcd. and i would come to work blazed every day.

    and i would eat in a matter of minutes litterally 3-4 cinnamelts at a time, and wash it down with some milk,
    all for free of course.:D:D:D
  8. I once ate 3 whole boxes of yellow peeps on a dare and learned that throwing up marshmellows and beer is really fuckin' nasty.
  9. My room mate ate 3 boxes of peeps yesterday along with a ton of Cadbury eggs we found at the store.

    I was baked and saw all new easter candy so I bought 21 dollars worth.

  10. dude that had to be sick.. even tho i love me some peeps.

    what did the puke look like? haha.
  11. April 20, 2008

    6 burritos, 2 pizzas, numerous toasted sandwhiches, and of course a whole batch of brownies to start off the day.
  12. i like your style sir
  13. Either the KFC / Taco Bell or McDonalds day...

    KFC / Taco Bell

    1 - Pot Pie
    2 - Mashed Potato Bowls
    3 - Chicken Quesadillas
    1 - Root Beer Float


    5 - Double Cheeseburgers
    1 - Large Root Beer
    2 - Hot Fudge Sundaes
    2 - Hot Apple Pies

    I'm height weight proportionate, 145lbs.
  14. double cheeseburger eating contest at mcdonalds a year ago with my cousin... that was a lot of cheeseburgers...
  15. One Delicio pizza
    One 2 L container of ice cream
    Four Popsicles
    One bag of Jalapeno Ms. Vickies chips
    Two Packages of ramen
    One 2 L Bottle of cream soda
    One trip to Taco Bell including the following:
    Coupon for a free Crunch-wrap supreme if you get a Crunch-wrap supreme combo
    two hard tacos
    Four donuts from Zehrs Markets
    Two cups of coffee
    And I feel asleep with my hand in a 1/4 eaten popcorn bowl.

    Guess what I ate when I woke up :D
  16. My friend and i hit up a taco bell / mcds double whammie one night, and this is what i ate:

    2 steak quesedillas, 1 chicken quesedillas, 3 soft tacos, i hard taco, 3 packs ofcinnastix, and for dessert... 9 mcds chocolate chip cookes, 3 cinnamon melts, and an oreo mcflurry.

    The munchie gods wreaked havoc on my stomach the next day...:(
  17. Most I ever ate was on a cruise ship. They have great food, its free, and 24/7. I must have aten like 14 slices of pizza, 2 burgers with fries, cheesecake, and lots of drinks in one of the days. Was on the ship for 5 days. No lie I gained atleast 10 pounds in those few daysv
  18. i can't remember exactly what i ate, but last week i ate about 7-8000 calories in one day. i had some northern lights, and some mids. and just ripped bowls all day, and after everybowl i had a meal/snack that equaled 1.5-2k calories lol.
  19. I don't remember any specific events but if I have a day off and am bored just sitting around the house I will smoke and eat, smoke and eat, smoke and eat. I will often wake up with a stomach ache in the middle of the night.
  20. Well its thanksgiving this weekend so ill go for a record. :cool:

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