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Whats the most you have ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. In one sittingg
    tell me your story
    ill tell mine lateer when im not baked
    this whole thread tookk like 40 mins to type
  2. uh i guess probably 5 or 6 grams in a night, maybe even a quarter. i dont know, i dont really remember how much.
  3. Oh damn, me and my friend both smoked a quarter each one night, what a wild night..............

    i dont even remember that night other than the fact that i smoked a quarter to myself
  4. 3 ounces in one day with 2friends. We all threw down. we all bought our own oz. We sat here at my house.

    Just rolled blunts/joints, packed bongs/bowls/bubblers/gravs/waterfalls/homemades

    We smoked and smoked. till all 3 bags were gone. 19hrs of smoking.
  5. I went to a Devin the Dude show with the Coughee Brothaz my sophomore year.

    After the show when they were signing autographs I wrote on a scrap of paper 'Do you wanna blaze some danks?' and held it up for Devin to sign. He grabbed it, read it and told me to meet him in 5 minutes.

    We ran to our car, grabbed our stash, and came back in where Devin took us backstage at the venue. When we got downstairs there was probably 15-20 other rappers/entourage chilling and when Devin walked in they all busted out their stashs. Each person had at least a QP to themselves as well as a BOX of Swishers, they would roll a blunt, light it, and pass it.

    I shit you not I smoked 40+ blunts in the basement of the venue, along with 2 bowls of the shit I brought smoked by only me, Devin, and my other friend who was there.

    That was by far the best high I've ever had in my life
  6. well my buddy deals and always rolls up a lot, but we smoked 13 blunts of og platnium kush between 3 of us in about 4 hours id say. First time i can honestly say i saw someone cough a lung out
  7. This past halloween (my birthday) between two or three of us we smoked a quarter no problem over the course of the night. Plus we had smoked earlier in the day with stuff we already had. I wanna say that was probably the most over a day but in one sitting probably a 5-6g blunt my friend rolled for a group of 5 of us. To this day, i would say that was the highest i have ever been. :smoke:
  8. a lot
    too much to remember
    but not any 3 ounces in one day i know that much
    i think i did like 10 blunts in 4 or 5 hours before....only middies tho
  9. I love when my dealer has mids, blunts forever.
  10. me and a couple friends smoked 2 ounces in about 9 hours....not straight but on and off

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