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whats the most weed you've ever seen??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nicolerrico, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. A couple years back, I went to my dealers house and he told me to come into his room. I go in and my eyes turn into deer in headlights look. Everywhere I looked, up down left right, bags and bags of weed. Each bag had atleast a QP-1/2 pound and there were bags lined up against the wall, bags of weed in every compartment of his drawer. Everything total, a conservative estimate would be about 4-5 pounds. All of those nugs were top quality buds.
  2. 100 kilos, each wrapped in blue paper.
  3. 4 pounds from a friends grow. It was beautiful.
  4. Eleventyone
  5. 12 pies of dank hah never thought I'd be seeing that much though
  6. A couple ounces
  7. idk, i get to my care takers house and he just starts whipping weed out of everywhere. id say at least 4-6 pounds
  8. I don't really know but Ive been on a field but I usually buy a QP at a time
  9. the way i met my old dealer. he drove up to me, and saw that i had a dutch, told me to get in his car, and he pulls this trashbag from the backseat, FULL with bud. it was called butter purple & i only got to smoke it once. never EVER saw that bud again. :(

  10. AKA worthless shit that should only be burned to keep the homeless warm.
  11. The most ive ever seen personally was when i was at my cousins house for spring break. He had just sold his entire Magic the Gathering card collection for $14,000(his parents said theyd never be worth ne thing lol). with that money he bought a car and a lot of weed. The car wasnt bad an early 2000's Malibu for 3 gs. But then he spent $10000 on right around 1.6/1.7 pounds of Dank massachusetts bud.
  12. Hahah 10000 for 1.7 ps is very expensive, who ever sold that made bank lol
  13. used to pick up 2 pounds with my buddy, that's a lot of bud to look at.

    seen close to 5 pounds in florida when we were trimming and curing my brothers crop
  14. [quote name='"Ajd0003"']Hahah 10000 for 1.7 ps is very expensive, who ever sold that made bank lol[/quote]


    wtf? my brother used to hit up Boston for pounds of dank averaging around maybe $2,000 if i remember correctly
  15. I see QP's on the regular when I go to my dealers house to pick up. I'd say the most he has ever had when I was at his place is like 3/4 of a pound. I love having a guy who moves weight, I have never heard the words "nah man I'm dry right now." it's a beautiful thing.
  16. Average price of weed today would be $2,000 a pound give or the take $500 i sincerly hope he got high quality shit
  17. Several pounds at once, most of it was stored in several different safes.

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