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whats the most weed you've ever seen??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nicolerrico, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. last week i had a pound and a half in my lap!!! it wasnt for me.. but still... happiest moment of my life.. and i was too high to take a picturee
  2. Like 2 elbows...
  3. a little over a quarter. but as soon as i get some money in buying an O.
  4. The most weed I have ever seen is 6.
  5. a pound at my dealers house
  6. i dont know if this counts but ive been to clubs where theres pounds and pounds of weed in front of me
  7. 250lb+ of compressed brick weed.
  8. ive seen huge fields of nothing but weeds. couldnt imagine how many pounds. i'd take a picture but i think they're growing tobacco there this year.
  9. 12 pounds an i dident even get a nug :(
  10. 2 pounds, it was sweet haha
  11. I've seen quite a bit when I was doing trim work for a friend.
    He said his yield was about 3 lbs.

  12. I'd like you in my lap! HERP HIT ON GURL ONLINE YESSS

    But on topic I bought a QP once and it was awesome! That's most I've seen in person I think
  13. Only a half oz!
  14. couple of pounds. One time i woke up and my brother greeted me with a slap in the face with a P. Strangely it was awesome and painful
  15. Everytime I walk into the dispensary I see at least 5lbs+
  16. I don't buy weight or anything but in person the most ive seen was a Qp very long thick hybrid buds.
  17. Was at my friends getting my hair cut and he pulls out a trash bag full of nugs, Fucking amazing stuff. Its his brothers stash do haha. Good mids, No crystals but no stems/seeds

    Only good for edibles or hash.. We have a connect for top shelf at 5/g

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