Whats the most unintentionally trippy place youve ever been to

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TranStarLexington, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. I was at my brothers 12th birthday (he and I are 10 years apart) at the magic time machine restaurant. Of course I was baked af when I was there and I legitimately though it was some sort of dream. Only reason I know it wasn't is because my brother told me the next day


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  2. I was baked with my friend at a church wedding that was my aunts. It was horrible, we didn't have eyedrops everyone knew lol.

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  3. Went to the library and it was filled with mentally ill folk talking to themselves and shouting and just being generally freaky. I have compassion for people who struggle with mental illness, but being really high it tripped me out! It's a big library in the downtown part of the city so it's always full of strange people seeking asylum from the outdoors

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  4. A police station. Not good when you are high
  5. Good thread idea.

    Um probably this chinese place i go and eat sometimes by myself.

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  6. Wait that's intentionally lol

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  7. but the place itself is probably 'unintentionally trippy'! what's it like? ever see or feel any weird trippy stuff?

    reminds me of KFC. I pretty much exclusively vape, but one time I smoked instead with a buddy of mine and went in so he could get the buffet. It was so weird, I felt like I was dreaming! Watching all the people scarf down plate after plate of food while the speakers in the restaurant played drifty, 50's tunes, notably Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk".

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  8. Its a mom and pop type place that ive been eating at since i was 8-10 years old. Good ass chicken wings. I mean fucking BOMB. oh and their deep fried rice. lol

    But just sitting there baked af and hearing them talk all crazy fast in their language. It's cool though i feel like i get to escape from everything for about half hr. And honestly the girl at the register looks really good.

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  9. And i get a huge plate of food and a drink fkr less than $7

    Damn i wish i had $7.

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  10. This huge abandoned mansion that had been abandoned for years. I'm talking 5 stories huge on the waterfront with kid sized secret passage (the passage kept getting thinner we had to squeeze through to continue) ways leading to other floors and weird small rooms with doors only a child or midget could walk through. Such an amazing house I wondered what happened to the owners, I also wonder what was with all the passages and strange rooms throughout the house. Its an awesome place to smoke though
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  11. When I was in elementary school I had a week-long trip to Catalina island with my sister. The school informed us we wouldn't need money buy when we got there it was touristy AF so the cash would've been useful..
    Anyway there was all kinda trippy shit like wild foxes, goats, the biggest bumblebees and dragonflies I had ever seen... And to top it off the cabins we stayed in had only 2 out of 4 walls with bug infested mattresses. Girls cabin had no door and a fucking bat was trapped inside. Camp counselors had the gall to scare the shit out of us with ghost stories on top of all that horror. Overall the craziest experience of nature in my life and I was so impressionable to that experience I was scared for a while...

    Haha now that I look back on it that was really dope for the school to do that for the kids.

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