What's The Most Scandalous Thing You Remember From Your Childhood?

Discussion in 'General' started by Niveuspuer, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. I'm not talking national news stories here, I was just thinking about all of the funny little "scandals" I remember having going on around me when I was a kid the other day, and now I'm wondering what stories the blades on gc had to tell.

    I remember when I was in middle school that there were several days when I couldn't use the bathroom without having to walk all the way to the other side of the school because apparently someone thought it was funny to shit in urinals and the school kept having to close the bathrooms down to clean them out.

    I don't think they ever caught the bastard that was doing it but to this day I fondly remember that for weeks, every afternoon before school let out, the principal kept having to explain in the most unintentionally hilarious terms possible exactly what was going on and practically begging us to snitch if we knew who was doing it.

    Stupid story, I know. But this is the shit that sticks with you [no pun intended] when you're "all growed up" [or at least 18] and take trips down memory lane.
  2. wtf this happened at my school too

    are kids all over the world just destroying mens restrooms?
  3. I dropped my 4th grade class pet (guinea pig) on the ground and broke a bunch of its legs. It lived and I am pretty sure my teacher put it in a splint or something, RIP Buttercup

  4. Poor thing:'(
  5. my mom wouldn't buy me one of those tomigatchis... so I stole another girls like in 4th grade. I got suspended.

    so worth it.
  6. Lol my highschool was full of scandals... my freshmen LA teacher (also drama/theater teacher/director of school plays) was sleeping with a student, my sophomore LA teacher smoked with students, and got the secret service to attend one of our talent shows because of a mishap in timing and a stupid parent... he got laid off the next year getting busted gettin down with students

    One of our counselors got preggo via our married assistant principal (not married to her lol)

    Highschool was awesome haha
  7. This isn't really scandalous more of a face palm. At recess one day my fried and I were playing with these plastic army soldiers having a war, then this dumb ass kid named Charlie started playing with us and he built a donut shop in the middle of our war zone out of sand. My friend and I were like yo is this dude serious? Gtfo kid you don't build a donut shop in a war.
  8. oh man, I did get pissed the fuck off at my dad for not buying me a toy when I was like 5, and said at the check out as the cashier was checking us out 'Remember that time you hit me? and you took me to the hospital and told me to tell them I fell off my bike?'

    ....yep. almost forgot about that. lol. may top me stealing from my fellow 4th grader.
  9. Being locked down in my high school until 9PM one night because of the DC snipers was pretty scandalous at the time I suppose

    That whole DC sniper incident alone was a pain in the ass. Lockdowns, mandatory curfews and road blockades, people freaking the fuck out every time a white van drove by because the stupid news told everybody the sniper was in a white van...
  10. Called a kid an asshole when i was four because he took my toy. I told my teacher i heard my dad say it when he's driving haha
  11. My mom cheating on my step dad on multiple occasions. Didn't mean to kill the vibe.
  12. Well... yeah, it's fun?:confused_2:

    When I was in preschool I used to flush monstrous amounts of paper down the toilet just because I enjoyed flooding the bathroom. I was definitely not their favourite little prick.

    There were a lot of decent pranks back in high school (deflating the school bus tires, letting fleas run loose in the school) but the most fucked up (and the funniest) was a two week period when these kids would walk down the halls and randomly balltap guys as they went along. The practice because so common that guys were walking with a hand or a notebook over their crotches. One day the principle (I'll never forget this) came into the gym locker room and told us that "there have been instances of balltapping going on in the halls and anyone who is caught toughing anyone elses crotch will be expelled".
  13. I stole some pokemon cards from a kid back in grade 5 or 6... I buried them in the sand in the playground and forgot about them =/
  14. ^LOL that's awesome.

    Dad broke my playstation. Never got a new one, or it fixed -.-
  15. Oh forgot about this one, when I was in kindergarten I lived in greece, an every day after getting home from school I would go to this snack stand and buy a bag of Cheetos that had these plastic coins with Pokemon pictures on them. So after awhile I collected tons and I had this friend named staleos pronounced (stal e os) so he came over one day and fucking stole them all!

  16. i almost got my latina neighbor to touch my dick when i was in like 5th grade but i touched some boob and got a little dry hump
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    Oh god I was such a trouble maker in high school. But I was also a mute that never had confrontations with anyone so I was never a suspect for anything and never got in trouble. Freshmen year me and some friends chilled on the roof a week straight during lunch. There was this old auditorium and on the stage you had to jump to grab this ledge and then there was a little room with a ladder to the roof. It was on the side of the school that was always completely dead. Also during the winter we would punch out all the screen windows down this one hallway by the gym so it would be freezing. Sometimes we would have quick snowball fights the days we had gym.

    Sophomore year there was a gas leak and everyone had to leave. A huge group of people and me just fucked off and walking into town until they were making people go back in(which was over an hour).

    Also freshmen year I was such a mute, my Spanish teacher didn't even know I existed until half way through the year. I spent more time on the computer in the library than actually in class. I just went when we had a test because the school messed up when I transferred and I was supposed to go into the second year or spanish because I took the first year at my old school so I never needed to be there.

    I consider that part of my childhood. I did fuck all when I was actually a child. I was a mad good kid.
  18. I also remember how I would ding-dong-ditch my neighbors every time I got bored when I was a dumbass, little 11 year old.

    I ding-dong-ditched one neighbor about a dozen times until one day he stopped me after I got off the bus and told me to quit it before he told my mother. Apparently he knew it was me the whole time because he'd see me run past his living room window within 2 seconds of every time he heard his bell ring.

  19. Shit, I just realized I put this in the wrong subforum.
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