whats the most plants you have grown, what felt safe

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  1. hey guys. i have unlimited space, privacy lighting etc... the only thing im worried about is a spiking power bill, usually 60-80 going to 180-200. most say as long as you pay your power bill on time (which mine ALWAYS will be) then there will be no problem. i agree to an extent, but thats still a noticable spike. im probably just paranoid.

    back to my question, to anyone who has grown list your stats

    how many plants was your biggest season
    what did your power bill spike to, just averages.double tripple etc..

    and what appliances/ anything draws a LOT of power. just out of curiosity. things that might make the bill 200 instead of 60. lol and dont say, AC, DRYER etc.. those things are used constantly under the 60 dollar plan.

  2. say you started an internet company that required running multiple servers. Would explain the extra electricity and the extra monies to pay for it.
  3. What felt safe, and what is safe are two different things. You have to be the judge of your own risk/rewards when growing.

    10 plants to you may feel safe, 10 to someone else may not. Asking people to openly list their largest grows etc etc, just seems too nosey imo.

    Check out www.norml.org for your state's laws regarding cultivation (assuming you are USA).

    Other things that draw power, hot water heater, refrigerator. Both of these run constantly.

    A spike in your power bill is not a huge deal, especially if it stays high from then on.
  4. yeah i understand what your saying but at the same time im not asking anyones opinion on how many plants i should grow, as thats already passed. im just asking what everyones comfort zone was. to see if i was just way more paranoid. and on grasscity, i dont think asking peoples biggest grow is nosey, but i could see where it might sound sketch. but just reading all these grows and threads. there are TONS of people who not only share their large grow in posts, but others that post pics etc... from what ive noticed people on this site arent nervous about talking about it. and the ones who are, just dont do it. thats respectable. but others talk about how they have grown for 25 years. i could understand if i asked someones largest grow and then asked ? after ? and ask where they live an shit. thats what the growing marijuana section is all about imo. to each his own i guess
  5. i'm a new grower and am not comfortable with my security/stealth measures yet so i am uncomfortable surpassing the lowest legal threshold. in my state, over 4 plants becomes a felony with stiffer penalties instead of a misdemeanor, so 4 is the most i'm comfortable with. i'm still a little uncomfortable with that, but no more uncomfortable than i am with buying product locally. i see growing as the lesser of the two "evils".
  6. never heard it said so well
  7. i was told from some friends that if in pa you grow over 6 plants it's a felony....so safe spot for me would be 5 or under.
  8. According to the NORML website, you're wrong.

    Everyone should check out the NORML info... It's on their homepage on the top right. Choose your state in the drop-down box.

    I checked out a few states near me, and it's interesting how they're different:

    Ohio cultivation counts WEIGHT of the plants, where <100g is a misdemeanor. (I'm guessing they weigh the whole plant, not just the "buds" we care about.)

    Kentucky cultivation simply counts the NUMBER of plants, where less than five is a misdemeanor.

    Tennessee cultivation is always a felony, but more than 10 appears to be extra-bad.

    Seriously, check it out: www.norml.org
  9. someone explain this to me, under the cultivation or sale section it says up to 10 lbs is a felony its worded wierd. does that mean 9 lbs is a miss.?


    <table border="1" bordercolor="#cccc99" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="report" colspan="4" bgcolor="#cccc99">Sale or Cultivation</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">Less than 5 g with no renumeration (assumes first offense for sentencing guidelines)</td> <td class="report" colspan="3" align="center">see Possession</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">Up to 10 lbs</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">up to 12 months</td> <td class="report" align="right">not more than $5,000</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">10 to 50 lbs</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">25 months and up to 30 months MMS***</td> <td class="report" align="right">not more than $5,000</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">50 to 2000 lbs</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">
    35 months and up to 42 months MMS***​
    </td> <td class="report" align="right">not more than $25,000</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">2000 to 10,000 lbs</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">
    70 months and up to 84 months MMS***​
    </td> <td class="report" align="right">not more than $50,000</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">10,000 lbs or more</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">
    179 months and up to 219 months MMS***​
    </td> <td class="report" align="right">not more than $200,000</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">Within 300 feet of school zone</td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">increased penalty</td> <td class="report" align="right">increased penalty</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report">Sale to a minor if seller is over age 21 or sale to a pregnant woman </td> <td class="report">felony</td> <td class="report">increased penalty</td> <td class="report" align="right">increased penalty</td></tr> <tr valign="bottom"> <td class="report" colspan="4">***Mandatory minimum sentence.</td></tr></tbody></table>
  10. It means that anything under 10lbs will be treated as a felony (unless it is a few grams). And just so you know, to determine how much marijuana you had they will weigh the entire plant (even though you don't smoke stems and leaves).

    Also, don't worry too much about the power bill. As long as your consumption doesn't increase dramatically (i.e. from $80 to $2000) it will not raise any flags. They are used to short spikes, with people getting new gadgets and such. For example, a commonly used grow light is a 400 Watt HPS, and coincidentally most computers come with a 400 Watt power supply unit. So yeah, as long as you don't have a massive commercial grow op and you don't steal any power, the electricity company will not represent a security threat.

    Good Smokes,
  11. damn man... THATS what i like to hear

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