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What's the most inventive/last minute smoking device you have used

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThEHeRbSmOkEr, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. One time back in 8th grade my friend and i had some good bud but nothing to smoke out of.We emptired our pockets and put 2 pen caps together and an sluminum sided gum wrapper. It was ghetto as hell but worked:smoke:
  2. did the paper burn. how did you use it without it catching fire
  3. Paper?
  4. Just a gravity bong.

    My parents are smokers so they obviously don't care if I smoke. I never had a reason to make something because I always had a glass bowl or a bong or something.
  5. I used a frozen strawberry once for lack of apples (and smoking devices, obviously).

  6. i mean the paper cup
  7. Might not have been a paper cup.
  8. My hand in the shape of a pipe.
  9. Did you at least have an actual bowl of some sort?
  10. An apple
  11. gravity bongs, soooooo easy to make and gets u blazed, i use to make soda can pipes using nothing but the can itself, but then i grew up:p
  12. I made this before i picked up my bong

    Attached Files:

  13. apple, pop can, pair of needlenose pliers and a 3/16's socket

  14. shit man is that tin foil....
  15. An apple, my mom gave me my weed back but forget to give me my pipe.
  16. The only thing I've ever made was a soda can pipe, I'm usually good on the paraphernalia there's pipes/onehitters laying around everywhere in my house
  17. OMFG! I'm horrified by what you guys are saying. The lowest I have come to is an apple...
  18. had to make a pipe out of a cucumber once because we ran out of
  19. Stuck a socket in an emptied paper towel roll, packed the socket and smoked. Ghetto as balls, but works if you need something fast and easy.

    I always have a piece to smoke with, but sometimes I like to experement and make new pieces out of whatever I can find :p

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