Whats the most important thing to you when choosing a seed bank to purchase from

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    As title suggests. What is it that makes you buy from a seed bank ? Whats the most important feature or benefit to you when ordering ?

    Is it security and stealth ?

    Where they deliver ?

    Reputation or reliability ?

    Products and prices ?

    Ways of paying ?

    The quality of website and marketing material ?

    The customer service ?

    Free seeds ?

    Or anything else iv missed ?
  2. A poll would be easier ..lol

    for me its the Range of breeders the retailer is supporting

    in my case long term established Dutch breeders ...'who know their stuff'

    not the teenies growing seeds in pop's garage

    or the 'new world' american so called 'bean sellers'

    with $100.000 advertising and product placement behind each seed

    good luck with this ...lol
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  3. US based?
  4. Sorry are you asking a question ?
  5. Quality



    Are my top 3

    Not really worried about customer service, just give me my seeds.

    They have to accept CC, if they don't I won't even consider them no matter how good they're. I'll never send cash.

    Free seeds are a MUST, I'll just go else where if you're not offering g at least 2-3 free seeds(I know greedy as mofo).

    Website needs to be efficient and easy to browse, make payment, find FAQ etc.

    Not worried about seeds being lost, they usually never are, and if so I'm covered by the bank.

    Security/Stealth Meh, haven't heard of anyone getting busted for seeds in a long time, and it will be legal on a recreational level(for my state)in about 5-6 months.

    They need to have some type of reputation, wether that be through instagram or on forums. Build some type of credibility before you try and build a Swedbank. So many instagram "breeders" ripping people off. 1,000 dollar auctions for seeds lol.
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  6. No just adding to the list of questions, and using question marks in them.
  7. Ah im with you . Cheers
  8. Thanks to those that have replied. Your input is appreciated.

    Anyone else able to take 5 mins on this ?
  9. no
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  10. You input to this forum is invaluble :rolleyes:
  11. within the country is best and elite genetics or just strains you want to grow or cross with others honestly autos and fems are easiest to grow but you get way better genetics and can even make your own strains using regular seeds.
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  12. Original breeders packaging unopened. Have what i'm looking for. Then shop for best overall price with shipping.
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