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Whats the most goriest movie you've seen

Discussion in 'Movies' started by oscarsi, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. im talking about old school movies.
    like from the 60-80's
    best and only one i've seen is cannibal holocaust.
    what are some other good ones?
    I'm about to see "guinea pig 4 - mermaid in a manhole"
    and "ilsa the she wolf of the ss"

    what are some of the most fucked up movies out there?
  2. flowers of flesh and blood..
  3. omg how did you manage to watch cannibal holocaust? The movie is banned is so many countries and its also a snuff which makes me want to watch it more. Well I saw Autopsy a few nights back, its not that gory, but one of the few movies where severed body parts look pretty bloody, but still fake.

  4. haha probably cause i was really high when i watched it, was really interesting.

    im planning on watching that one soon, once i find it

  5. Cannibal Holocaust is not a snuff film. It's widely available uncut on DVD and has been for some time.

    It just got a bad reputation because of the filmed killing of animals and because the director was brought up on obscenity and murder charges in Italy two days after the premiere and he had to contact the actors to show up in court and prove they were still alive.

    It was only banned in about 10 countries and most of those lifted the ban years ago. The "banned in over 50 countries" claim was nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

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