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Whats the most fiending thing you have ever done?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lysol92, May 10, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for stories more along the lines of stuck in your house with no weed or pipe or even lighter.. whats the worst you've done when stuck in your house just for a toke or two.
  2. Scraped res. that sucks dont ven bother with that
  3. My basement bathroom, it's tiny and had never been cleaned, I'd smoked there many times so there was weed accumulating on the floor between the toilet and the sink, I scraped some of it ( A LOT) off the floor and put some kief on then burned :smoking:
    that's the first time i admitted it and to this day i do not regret it.
  4. I've smoked a bowl with matches, scraped res,

  5. /thread

    mine would be collecting change then going to wawa for cash to get a dime. or maybe dipping into my dads stash...
  6. Ewww!! that sounds nasty as hell man!, but hey, a bowl pack is a bowl pack? +rep for that honestly, nasty, but interest fiend lol.
  7. yeah i dip into my dads stash when im low. hes fine with it as long as im not taking like full nugs and shit
  8. ive done the matches aswell. i watched my buddy smoke a bowl out using a lit twig
    he got points for resoursefulness
  9. lmfao that's pretty funny, how the fuck did he light them?
  10. i did a donkey show for a joint im not even lying either

    im lying.

  11. we were camping. so there was a bonfire. and yeah it was funny.
  12. Haha when making the post i was actually smoking scraped up res with matches.. But ive found that i enjoy smoking with matches soo much more.. You can control flame size easily, they are more reliable (you can see exactly when they are running out), they smell good (which kinda masks the bud smell), and are soo fun to play with after.
  13. Just dont burn your house down hahah. that would be awful
  14. i "cleaned" (scraped) my grinder and packed a bowl of fine ass kief. It was amazing haha:smoking:
  15. killed a man for a dime

    im joking
  16. Made a lemon pipe and lit with a candle... ( lit the candle with stove)

    In the end the entire counter was covered with wax... But my lemon bowl, was not.
  17. Lmao ye man, been there. Apples work better than lemons though
  18. /////////////// THREAD!

    [ame=]YouTube - for that much weed... yeaah[/ame]
  19. well besides running back and forth around town burning up more gas than i had to get a joint uh... i scrape up a lot, i really enjoy resin i think its really good, um.. . . well i baught a joint once and ripped off a third of it and smoked it, then i couldnt find it for a few days and i was pissed, then i moved the matress in my 5th weel and found it half ass eaten by mice, smoked it anyway. today i went to like 5 houses to try n et a joint but no1 was home so i just baught some budweiser. oh and tooth picks u light off a gas stove work good to light a bowl, and a cigaret lit of my space heater will light a joint pretty good and the toster. i was young and couldnt find matches or any kind of light so i jumped on my quad with a sparkplug wrench and some starter fluid, went into the field, pulled the plug and hit it with some eatherpulled it over so the sparkplug would ignite the ether and lit off of that.
  20. eww wtf!

    but to keep this thread going i've smoked grinding up stems cuz my fiending ways. And at my one friends house about 10 people go into his bathroom and smoke daily so we search on the ground for nugs and smoke them:cool:

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