whats the most F'd up thing thats happend to you on something???

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  1. the most F'ed up thing thats happend to me was when i was on on weed and booms and we snuck out to a chicks house so my friend could sez her up so while leaving someone called the cops and the cops came and this cop was trying to watch my friend and tjhe chick doing stuff and the cop broke the window trying to look in from the outside my friend knew the cop so when the cop let him drive home drunk and then my friend hit a car infront of the cop and the cop had to drive him and his car home
  2. A raid where the po's thought there was a meth lab in the house when where really there was only 2 zips of weed.
  3. Ive already posted this story, but idc, Im posting it again!

    So it is a nice summer night, Me and my boy/Dealer (Big big dealer) are chilling at his crib, He lives with his parents and his room is the basement, But theres a door that leads to the outside. Its about 11 o'clock at night, And we were just in his room smoking blunts and bongs. He gets a call from dude who calls from a private number and my boy made them call from a normal number, So they did. They wanted 12 Oxycontin 80mg's, Which was about 700 dollars. So my dude has him come over to get them, So we wait.

    We hear a knock at the door and 2 guys were there, One was in his mid 20's, other couldent have been older than 22. I let them in, And i instanly noticed they REEKED of Alchohol. After about 5 minutes i could tell they were really drunk. They say they need an Oz of some dro to, Which was 200 bucks. So my boy pulls out about 6 Oz's and starts weighing it out. the Older dude says "Give me that shit" And goes to grab the 6 O's that are in a big freezer bag, But my freind was quick and pulled it back before he could grab it.
    My freind is like "Get out of my motherfucking house you mother fucking Scum bags." Also, i knew my dealer had a gun, He showed it to me before, He tells everyone he has it, Just so everyone knows that hes packin heat to.

    The one younger guy then slides over the table tackles my boy to the ground and i was like "Oh fuck no, this shit cant fucking happen." then the other guy joins in, i remember seeing the older guy ontop of him hitting him and the younger guy kicking him in his torso/ribs. I had to try to get these big motherfuckers off of my freind.
    So i push the guy thats kicking him and throw a punch, I hit him right above his left eye, And that did nothing but make him lose balance and go into a rage. He charges at me, grabs my by my neck and like literally throws my across the room, And i hit my head on a computer desk. i blacked out. I wake up in what seemed like forever, And the younger dude is choking me! Who the fuck strangles an unconscious person? my head was bleeding, And I thought i was about to die, I started blacking out. I swear, i saw my life flash before my eyes. I got a sudden burst of adrenalin and i pulled his hand off my neck, And i tohught he was about to steal something off the computer desk, He reaches up and i see him take the GUN!

    He is ontop of me, With my boys gun inhis hand, He puts it to my Head, While this is going on i hear my boy Screaming for his dad. The gun is at my head, I close my eyes and hear"*Click* *click*". I started crying, I was so scared.
    the next thing i know i see his dad grab the dude that was on me, And he puts him in a choke hold. i get up and i punched the dude in his face about 3 times, As hard as i could. I think i shatterd his nose.

    His dad throws the guy on the ground, And the dudes bleeding all over.
    the other guy that was fighting with my friend booked towards the door but my freinds dad grabbed him by the collar on his shirt, And then puts THIS dude in a choke hold. So my boy Sucker punches him in his face about 6 times. My boy told me i cant tell what happend after that so i wont, but damn, This was the scariest night of my life and i got a concussion from hitting my head, And had to get 7 Stitches.
  4. you got to tell us what happens now bro :confused:
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    PD had no witness,

    DA dropped the load,

    He got probation for the gun,

    and the dope case closed

    BY THE WAY THAT WAS A QUOTE FROM "busted in the hood" by CYPRESS HILL
  6. damn man, now that's a fuckin story. you came correct though, way to act under pressure. bet it felt SO good to punch that mother fucker in the face.

  7. Hell ya it did. A couple daysago, the kid i waswith when this happend went to pizza hut to get a drink, And when he wlaked back to his car and got in, Cops came in and surrounded him. They searched him found 2 OC 80s, A blunt roach, Pill paraphanalia. ANd they aksed him if he had anything in his house, he said now and a cop is like "Thats funny, We got people going through your house right now." he had 8 RooRs, A hurricane bong, A volcano vaporizer, a bottle of Roxycodone 30s. Hes gonnabe doing some time. 50 thousand was his bail.
  8. i wish i was there with yall to fuck those idiots up. good story though, im glad your ok haha

  9. +rep for an epic story!:devious:

    the most fucked thing ive done on any drug is fall down the stairs(alcohol)... makes me sound like a puss by comparison:p
  10. Once I was tripping really hard, just chilling out on my front porch, and some kid (college neighborhood) sprinted by on the sidewalk holding two glow sticks and wearing only boxers.

    I didn't think it was real at first but it was confirmed by people who weren't tripping.
  11. My freind was driveing and we got pulled...I heard barking. Look back and sure enough we were pulled by a K9....I had a QP of bud, A scale, 60 xanax bars, 100 somas, 120ish hydrocodone, and 20 roxi 30's and a revlover . I thought I was fucked she asked for our info and shit. asked if their was any drugs in the car my freind said no. She went back to her car and wrote up a ticket and sent us on our way. I almost shit myself.
  12. WTF. Fuck the police. Any ideas who tipped them off?
  13. How'd he get busted? Also, what's pill paraphanelia?

  14. The pills are probably why he is stright fucked. Pills like vicodin, oxy's, roxys are pain killers only avalible by script. If you get caught with a big amout your going to prison more then likely.

    oops haha my bad. I thought you were asking if pills were paraphanelia...lol.

  15. He had a pill grinder, which is basically a 1 and a half inch of hose wire. And a razor and a thumbtack in a little camel snus can, and he had his eighties in it to.
  16. Aha, thanks. How'd he get busted?

  17. Hes been in legal trouble and shit. He got pissed at this kid that sold me an 80 for 60, because he wanted to sell me one for 65. So he fucking shoots the kids car up with BB gun. Im nervous though, I was texting the day he got busted.He was probaly being watched.
  18. A buddy of mine stuck his hand in a blender on a bad shroom trip. Pretty nasty.
  19. Took a 1/4 of mushrooms, watched Pink Floyds, The Wall, and freaked out. Worst trip ever.
  20. I lit a box of firecrackers in the tent while everybody was sleeping, everybody had the shit scared out of them, ran all directions, tent fell in the lake. Car wreck. Had to repo two 2009 Suburbans, fucked up, with boss. Got lost in another state just to go pick up car parts for work 45 minutes away lmfao. But I really can't think of some hardcore shit atm.

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