What's The Most Efficient Way To Get High? What Are Tricks To Help Get You Higher?

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  1. What I do know, or have heard is that joints get you the least high, or at least are the least efficient because a lot of smoke is wasted, pipes are alright but bongs do it the best, other than vaporizers, which in this case is irrelevant because I don't have access to a vaporizer :(

    I want to know if there are any simple tricks that can help you get a bit higher because, having smoked nearly every day for the past few months my tolerance is huge and it takes a lot to get anywhere, most the time I end up stuck and not getting any higher.

    I have heard that after inhaling you should breathe in some air to mix around the smoke in your lungs, also I've heard that when you exhale you should exhale half of the smoke, or part of it and then breathe back in to mix the smoke around some more. Thoughts on this? Does this actually help?

    The most efficient way I've found to get the highest is a gravity bong or water bong. Huge nasty hits that will mess you up. The problem with this is that I'm still hitting a cap and I just want to make sure I am using my weed as efficiently as anyone can without a vaporizer because I notice I'm going through a ton of weed now and I simply don't have the money for it based on how much I need to smoke to get real toasty.

    I don't have kief, I don't have hash, I don't have a grinder. If you smoke faster will that get you higher?
  2. The gear you use has an effect, sure. But I'd say the biggest factor is the quality of the weed that you're smoking. I'm sure there are plenty of blades in the grower's section that could answer this question a lot better than I could. They know all about creating the highest yield with your weed, kief, oil, hash and all that good stuff. They know what they're talking about for sure :)

    I don't know what you mean by 'smoke faster' do you mean you inhale quicker or you just keep taking hits in succession? Rather than taking a break? Inhaling quicker probably won't have too much of an effect, since it all gets into your lungs anyway. Taking a bunch of hits one after the other will get you higher quicker than having a hit, taking 10 minutes then going again.

    I've never used a vaporizer but that's probably your best bet in terms of health and also getting stoned.
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    Snaps and one hitters. You're kinda forced to take time and let each hit set in, so you can better tell when you're where you want.

    I feel like taking a few minutes between hits when I smoke a bowl alone gets me so much higher for a good bit longer than if I just blast through it. Killing it quick gives a nice rush for like 30 minutes, but if I'm trying conserve I space hits out so the peak/usual high is longer.

    If you're not as concerned about the length of the high and just want an intense rush G bongs are the best choice
  4. firecrackers

  5. I do the same thing and its perfect
  6. I smoke a lot of hitters now.

    An eighth can last 5-6 days smoked between two people. Just smoke one or two hitters every 2-3 hours, get a really comfortable high going all day

    But if im just trying to get blitzed, I'll break out the good ol' bong.
  7. yes, that's whatt i do and i get bakedd, hold it in for a good 4-6 seconds:)

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