Whats the most Durable Bong??

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  1. ^^^^^Just as it says, thanks ^^^^^

  2. the thickest you can find
  3. acrylic..

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  5. ive seen my friends acrylic get run over by a car and not break

  6. Yup, acrylic is what you need if you're looking for durability.
  7. yup, just make sure you don't get alcohol anywhere never it. Alcohol makes acrylic break down.
  8. hey thanks all, appreciate it, was wondering cause, shit....shit.....shit....I Broke the Glass on the new bong boiling it to much, to clean it, not even a week old, totally pissed, ....:mad:
  9. Bamboo is the strongest.
  10. never used bamboo before, hows it work, is it a smooth smoke??
  11. holy shit. NEVER put boiling water into a glass bong. extreme temperature at a fast rate will cause glass to crack and shatter. Thats why mugs for hot water are made out of ceramics. Just a tip. Very sorry for your bong breaking, but get a bong cleaning solution. you mix it in the bong/pipe with room temperature water and it cleans it.
  12. The most durable has to do with how carefull you are with your pieces. i own 3. All lasted me most of highschool and all of college and still strong. Treat it like you best fried, and you will grow close with your bong, and cherrish it a long time.
  13. [quote name='.... Very sorry for your bong breaking,... quote']

    Thanks for acknowledgeing the pain!!!
  14. Boiling glass pieces is fine but you have to start with the bong in room temperature water and THEN bring the water to a boil.

  15. totally did that...I was stupid by tryingy to make it extra clean, and started a pipe cleaner up its twirls and as I was pulling it back out, it snapped on me, grrrr...but...hey,like ive said, works better, for me, anyhow
  16. Other than acrylic, wood and thick thick glass, there is the Incrdibowl i420. However, the i420 is for the serious smokers who care about taste, health and intensity, because its pretty darn expensive. The site has ppl standing on it and running over it with a car.
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcJhhXNELQU"]YouTube- Incredibowl vs Jeep[/ame]
  18. That Incredibowl seems great, I'd just need to try one before I dropped a bunch of cash on it. And I'd rather stick with bongs till that happens...

    As far as durability goes, I'd say go with something glass that's 7-9mm thick. As long as you don't fuck around with one of those, they really shouldn't break. They can pretty much topple on cement and be fine 9/10 times.
  19. I would have to say the most durable glass bong would be a 9mm US tube. Thick joints solid wells uniform glass thickness all put together very well.

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