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Whats the most desperate thing you've done to get weed/money for weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 420smoker87, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Mine would have to be sitting with a needle in my arm for an hour and a half donating plasma(selling) for 25-30 bucks so I could get a half eighth.

  2. Lol that's pretty bad. I've gone to work, nothing crazy fiendish.
  3. lol mine prob was i sold my ps3 :( but i still have my xbox 360:D and i still have my weed :bongin:
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  4. i thoght u were going somwhere else with that "needle in my arm" pt.. yea thats pretty desperate man.
  5. my take is, if you do crazy things to get bud, youre addicted, not necessarily to weed, you just have an addictive personality, if its your hard earned money, its totally different, im not hating on you tho, sellin plasma is different than like pawning your fathers watch
  6. Yeah I would never sell anything that wasn't mine to get weed. And its not that I'm addicted, I just like it a lot and selling plasma is not so bad once you get used to it. I wish I had hard earned cash to spend on weed I was living in a small town at the time where I couldn't even get myself a minimum wage job after looking almost every day for 6 months.
  7. I've walked like 7miles (3.4 miles each way, according to google maps ;)) to smoke with some friends, well worth it! And in the state I was in when we finished, probably a hell of a lot safer than driving.:hello:
  8. I sold my 360 and used some of the money to buy a half
  9. You're probably right though, I do have an addictive personality. Not addicted to anything in particular. If I had the funds I would be on SOMETHING every day. But never any one thing. I went from smoking a pack a day to not smoking cigs at all with no symptoms or cravings. I smoked probably a gram of meth a day for 6 months and quit that with no symptoms or cravings. Same with coke. Now I just stick to weed and shrooms and LSD and any other psychedelics I could get my hands on. Course I'm still looking for a job so I'm not doing anything right now.

  10. Lol my next door neighbor pawned his dad's rolex to buy coke...
  11. Once I recycled enough beer cans to buy a 30 sack:confused_2:

    Well worth it, I say.

    Oh, yeah...I live in Michigan where we get a 10cent deposit. I just realized not all of you have that (not to rub it in, that just seems foreign and strange to me).
  12. sold my friend an xbox game to buy some bud back in the day. Thats about it though
  13. id say the most desperate thing ive done is to drive 2 hours to an old friends house when my town is dry. other then not too much. when times are tough ill wait it out until i have money or bud.
  14. I live in Oregon we have a 5c deposit on most things. It would creep me out to be in a state with no deposit. There must be beer cans and soda cans littering up the streets all over the pace because the bums aren't going around picking them up for us for the deposit. Course I will pick up cans to and I'm not a bum so maybe I shouldn't stereotype.
  15. i tried selling an xbox a few years ago at gamestop when i was a minor but unfortunetly they wouldnt take it since you have to be 18 to sell to them.

    luckily somehow me and my friend managed to get bud that night and i got to keep my xbox and play halo :smoke:
  16. I've waited until I got paid or until someone wanted to hang out and smoke me out.
    It's weed, not heroin.
    Desperate stoners give the others a bad name.
  17. uuuuuuuh using tweezers and searching through my carpet to find some bud lol
  18. Um, asked a few friends to spot me ten bills. Pretty much it.
  19. I knew a friend(I use the term loosely) that stole a handful of eye liner pencils from Walmart at 6 bucks a pop, then returned them for about 140 bucks on a Walmart card, then bought a Nintendo DS with the money, then sold the DS to a pawn shop for 60 bucks cash and bought weed with it.
  20. haha i've done that also. like last week actually. except i went around the floor on my car and actually managed to find enough for a bowl :hello:

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