Whats the most addictin Drug???

Discussion in 'General' started by tubbytoga, Jun 28, 2004.


What is the most addicting drug???

  1. Weed

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  2. Acid

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  3. Heroin (R.I.P Brad Nowell)

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  4. Meth

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  5. Cocaine

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  6. PCP

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  7. Salvia

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  1. What is it???
  2. Its the weed my friend!! it makes you do crraaazzzyyy things man!
  3. alcohol is the most addictive drug, people think its ok cuz its legal, but its one of the only drugs you can die from the withdrawl from it if you were to become addicted (the other being klonapin sp?) your odds of dieing from heroin withdrawl arent to good, although u feel like shit, but alcohol can actually kill you, so i'd say thats pretty damn addictive if your body cant live without it.
  4. Sex.

    And video games.
  5. meth herion alcohol cigs... they area all bad ...stick to the green...,.
  6. This is in response to all the people who rated heroin the most addictive drug.

    I have tried it once. I felt a bit of a bad crash but NO physical addiction. This is certainly not true for everyone as I've heard many stories of heroin addiction. I only tried crack once aswell and the craving doesn't go away. I'm not easily physically addicted to things (mentally maybe). I certainly don't reccomend heroin to anyone but it's not nearly as addictive as crack, which no one should try under any circumstances unless they wish to become an addict... I'm not trying to be mean like a pig saying you'll be addicted to weed, I've just seen so many of my friends become crackheads.

  7. what the fuck.. that sounds so familiar. where did i hear that?
  8. ^reefer madness
  9. hehehe... well i've only really tried weed from the list, so i'm gonna hafta vote weed.lol.. na i just won't vote.. but weed is definitely mentally addictive for me, no one will convince me that it's not
  10. only thing ive tried and comulsively did again within 2 days was extasy. ill never do it again, but its fucking incredible and i want to do it lol

  11. u gotta do heroin more than once to feel any physical withdrawl, like u gotta do it daily for a week or 2 before u'll actually get dope sick....

    and as for crack and cocaine, welp i jus did a huge fuckin line of coke and i'm hyped as hell, but i dont really feel the urge to do more cuz i gotta sell the rest of my shit to get money for acid, but i'll shutup now, cuz i'm ranting..
  12. Actually I love coke and don't have much problem with it addictionwise. I just have a bit of hate for crack/freebase.
  13. It's obvious that Heroine is the most addicting drug.

    crack/coke/pcp comes after
  14. POWER!.... (oh wait, wasn't on the list..)

    nicotiene is more addictive than heroin, and the ease with which it can be obtained makes it even more addictive.

    heroin is extremely addictive physically, but like most other drugs it too is hypd by those who don't know what theyre talking about..it's not a one way ticket to hell for everyone..

    cocaine is not physically addictive, although it has one of the highest ranked mental addictions of most recreational substances...
  15. ive never tried the heroin, meth or pcp, those are just off limit drugz for me. ive done the coke and id have to say, im a weak individual, i liked it too much, therefore i could see myself getting addicted to it. as far as quiting it, it wasnt hard, all i had to do was move away from the source. my life had gone to shit anyways, so i wasnt really thinking too much about gettin high.

  16. lol luke sounds like somethin outta reefer madness............i think weed is the most addictive......cuz it makes me want food and i like food.........im so high.............

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