?????whats the matter?????

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  1. sweet tooth 2nd week of flower 400w mh I know know but whats up with her I havent used nutes but I have some african violet bloom

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  2. can anyone help this is the only fourm that im a member of and I dont want to have to go to another site
  3. It looks like it needs feeding, it's run out of phosphorous.
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    Yer lack of phosph
  5. [quote name='"SkunkPatronus"']It looks like it needs feeding, it's run out of phosphorous.[/quote]

    [quote name='"andyman3"']Yer lack of phosph[/quote]

    thank u both just feed her some 6-12-8 bloom fert
  6. mh? dont you want hps light?
  7. yeah thats what they say but my dad showed me photos of stuff he grew in the 80s abd he said all they used was metal halide
  8. MH and HPS can both be used for flowering.

    although HPS lights promote more vigorous growth and stem elongation, MH lights promote more compact growth & very dark green leaves.

    you can use them both. HPS is a better choice; you will yeild more with it.

    also check your pH of your soil before you add anything.
  9. well gc a new problem came now im pretty sure its spider mites I got white spots on one of my plants leafs and under the leafs looked like a little spider web wtf? I donno is there any home remedys
  10. dyna gro's neem oil is extremley cheap & 100% organic. just combine neem with the water & spray.

    pyrethrum sprays also are somewhat cheap and are somewhat organic, but they work good none the less.
  11. so nothing has changed and never treated it for mites so I donno what it was new growth is fine so im clueless

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