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what's the longest you've gone without smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stayhuman87, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I'd say abouttt 2 weeks.. give or take.

    jesus haha you guys smoke a shiiiit load.
    & I thought i smoking i a lot at by smoking 4-5 times a week.

  2. 13 years to get started. Then took a few breaks in between. Maybe few month breaks. 3 months probably.
  3. in the past couple of years i go a week every now and then. u know, when im at home with my family or goin on vacations with the lady's people. they arent too cool with that shit. my parents dont mind it too much but its sort of a courtesy thing sometimes, u know.
  4. I stopped for a year once. The first time I smoked after that was the highest I had ever been up until that point.
  5. I started smoking for the first time around 6 years ago, however when I got with this one girlfriend I had to quit for 2 years, and didn't start back up until we broke up about a year ago.
  6. when i was 16 i got caught and i stopped for 2 years to respect my parents and i didnt really need it anyway

    then just about 3 weeks ago before i left for college my dad shared a joint with me....

    best night ever...

    now im dry in a new city for 3 weeks.......ugh
  7. Its gunna be 1 month and 2 days on monday when i plan to smoke.
  8. I don't think I've lit up since ... May. Used to be a daily smoker for several months, but being constantly high was losing its appeal. So, these days, I like to find a 1/4 (or a 1/2 when I can find it) for myself every few months and go to town, then give it a rest for a few more months.

    I've come to believe I'm probably better off that way, instead of indulging every day ... I just get that much higher when I actually have it on hand.
  9. 10 days was the longest in 6 years, hunting trip
  10. 5 weeks today actually. got arrested about 5 weeks ago.
  11. 1 month forced but it was also a convenient t-break.

  12. yeah that's what i'm hoping this will be. I have plans first thing on payday after i pay my car not i'm gonna get a half of my fav strain (cinderella 99) and get unbeliveably baked.:smoking:
  13. im at about 2 months now. i think that pretty much the longest since the daily smoking started. the REAL daily smoking.
  14. 2 years.... first 18mnths were because of probation, then i got super messed up the day i got off and desided not to smoke for another year... i've wised up since then... haha
  15. when i had some final exams comin up a year or so ago, i decided to quit for a while to improve my memory etc..

    i went just over 2 weeks.. then the stress of the upcoming exams led me to have a bit of a smoke in the days before they started..

    so yeah just over 2 weeks..

    but every couple months i take a break of around 5 days/a week.

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