What's the longest you've gone without food and/or sleep?

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  1. I was prescribed medication that kept me up so one time I went 3 days without sleeping or eating. Shit wasn't pretty tbh.

    Just curious haha
  2. LOL none :D
  3. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']I was prescribed medication that kept me up so one time I went 3 days without sleeping or eating. Shit wasn't pretty tbh.

    Just curious haha[/quote]

    Did u hallucinate? I stayed up for 2 days and my last memory before i passed out was that i saw 2 little people dancing on my ceiling fan lmao but i ate a shit ton of food so eh
  4. when i use to roll a lot i would stay up 2 days straight and would not eat during those rolling periods

  5. I had a bad experience with that and i couldnt eat or sleep for over 2 days :eek::mad:

  6. yah i dont fuck with thizzle no more:hello:
  7. I've gone a few days without eating, due to illness, the longest being 5 days without any food and only a few sips of water (I was dying from appendicitis). The longest I purposefully stayed up without any drugs (caffeine or otherwise) was 3 days when I was 15.

    When I get tired now, I close my eyes, one at a time ;) :)
  8. Longest I went without eating was 10 days.. Depression is a bitch, but it was crazy cause I still had all the energy in the world. What did I do with that energy? Used it to sleep the whole time.. I can't remember the last time I went without sleep though.
  9. Was depressed and didn't eat for 3 days, then i had gotten 2 wisdom teeth removed. i straight up told my mom on the way to the dentist that we need to stop at mcdonalds cause im not gonna eat for days. ended up not eating for 5.

    Edit: I didn't feel the need to sleep for 3 days because i was a wheel =) *Wink*
    After the third day i still had energy but my mind was somewhere else lol. life has basically turned into a full blown cartoon hahahahahahaha shit was great. But i knew what was best for me lol
  10. damn i've only been eating once a day haha. so it is depression

  11. definitely saw all kinds of crazy shit. The main one being the "shadow people" in the corners of my vision and michael myers sitting in my chair. but the meds i was on made me too busy doing this -->:metal: to care haha
  12. I managed to do that once.... I was sick, somethin in my neck got infected and almost blocked breathing/eating path, I couldn't eat, cuz it would be too painful, and I had pains all the time that kept me awake .. it was like that for about 3 days and half, then it finally got smoother and I could eat/sleep a little..

    oh.. I did smoke weed once in the end of day two..I passed out for like 40 mins no pain with closed eyes on my bed and my mind was goin insane(in a good way)... I guess all the tiredness and the weed together brought me to some trip, I did hear sounds and CEV, than woke up to the same crap...and more pain cuz shit burnt my infection

  13. damn so you had a near death experience?
  14. Sleep, around 80 hours maybe I can't remember. All I remember is by night three you get some crazyyy hallucinations. Food I think I went four days without. On the last day I chain smoked a whole pack for the first time, and had two cocaine energy drinks. Had to go to the ER the next morning, Yay!
  15. 96 hours sleep
  16. i was up for 4 days straight with 3 days without food, only drank water and Gatorade. wasnt fun...
  17. 3 days on a fishing trip with my dad and uncles. Only had beer, water, and bait. No sleep no food.
  18. Well when I wrestled I would regularly go 3 days without food or water, cutting weight hard the whole time.
  19. I'm pretty sure that when you work out you should really have water. I wouldn't try that again buddy.
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    I've only gone 48 hours without sleep. Without food, 36 hours.

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