what's the longest you've gone w/o smoking

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  1. me.... 15.5 years! nah, joking. I went for 12.5 months up until last night when I took a little hit out of my bong that I've been keeping at my buddies house. It was pretty enjoyable. A nice change of state.

    I looked for a thread like this, but couldn't find one. I'm sure it's out there somewhere.
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    hmm, guess it would be like a month and a half break I took one time since I started smokin on the regular...I'm takin a break right now due to sinus/throat havin hella mucus, needing money, and considering tryin to get a better job...man it's like day hmm 5 wow ha.

    Gotta admit I am not stoked about it...

    my posts automatically went down here too ha

  3. i went a year and a couple months due to probation. last month i smoked about 10 times. im slowly considering to give it up for good.. :confused_2:

    jesus that fucking cat scared me..
  4. I def don't want to give it up, just have some issues that conflict ya know

    considering vaping to address the mucus shit/having better lung capacity for physical shit I love to do i.e. soccer/basketball/sex

    but man, a nice blunt right now would be noicee

    why you thinkin of stoppin locnar?
  5. the longest I gone without smoking had to be about a month and a week. It was a difficult time especially when the withdrawal kicks in--that there is a bitch. Although, I have considered quitting but probably won't. I just need these periodic intervals of "fresh air" to keep me right and motivated. I enjoy weed too much to say goodbye forever...
  6. i did a year of probation when i was 14, i didn't smoke the entire time. but since then i don't think i've gone any longer than a week. ... i've never been on a t break, and its usually not dry too long.

    Right now its been 3 days since i smoked. i've never had it this hard trying to find a bag.

    its driving me crazy. i'm fine all day, but i can't sleep.
  7. The longest break i've taken from smoking in the last year has been only a week. I haven't had a reason to quit smoking for longer than that, so why not just keep smoking? :D:smoking:
  8. right now i've gone almost 24 hours haha! and it sucks.....but the longest i've taken a break for was like 6 months. i actually "quit" but i got back into the habit cause its just so lovely.

    and on that note, i'm going to go smoke.
  9. 3 Weeks due to some personal problems and my friend got caught hes doing 10 years in this lil shithole fuck this country, but after those three weeks i wasnt the same about smoking i appreciate it more and cooled down learn to smoke because i love getting high not because i just wanna smoke a j* like all those that put tiny ass bits and smoke ,

    sorry man i got carried away haha 3 weeks but in 3 to 4 years.
  10. In the last 10 years(wow have i really been smoking 10 years already) i have stopped for 6-7 days at the longest. :smoking: and i smoke a pack or more a day, yeh my lungs are probably fucked.
  11. did a year for probation my sophomore year of HS but since then i've been smoking pretty much every day.

    did a 8 day break recently, it was alot easier than i expected.
  12. I only started smoking more than once a month in November of last year ... so since then longest was probably 10 days, took a t-break at that time. Since then I have random days where I just have no bud period, otherwise I don't really take breaks.
  13. When I went to rehab I had quit for about a year maybe a little more. Without force my longest break was probably a month.
  14. In 28 years, I quit for about 9 months...twice....during pregnancy
  15. a year and half... thanks to the us army out now and have'nt went one day w/o!!!! since dec31!
  16. well, i've only been smoking coming on 2yrs, so i didn't smoke for 21yrs :s

    but sense i've been smoking, i've only been sober a week the whole time, the rest. i blaze 3+ times a day.
  17. I didn't start smoking until I was 33 years old...But after I started I had to go to Texas for a class...I didn't smoke for a little over two months.
  18. Only been smoking regularly for the past year and a half or so, and I haven't taken a break since, so.. 16 hours?
  19. I'd say about a week since I started smoking everyday.

    I got caught by the cops and had to sober up for a few days.
  20. back when i was a freshmen in high school, about 8 and a half months. it was my first season of high school football and i figured i probably should. then came to realize 90% of our varsity team smoked weed. all season.

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